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Although the summer film number more than 100 but lackluster market Sohu   entertainment; summer movie "Pirates of the Caribbean shaking group 2" (radio reported Chinese press source: Chinese) radio news publishing news (reporter Li Yan) in September 2nd, the State Press and Publication Administration of the Fund Office released in August monthly box office, the movie box office to close at 4 billion 54 million 500 thousand yuan, Pai Ying screenings of 6 million 860 thousand games, with audiences of 125 million 700 thousand. So far, summer stalls (June 1st to August 31st) total box office reached 12 billion 429 million yuan. It is understood that the summer of this year compared with the same period last year, down 0.38%, but viewing over the same period last year 5.01%. Among them, the domestic film at the box office was 6 billion 336 million yuan, compared with the same period last year, a decrease of 30.82%, the share of domestic films decreased by more than last year by 22.42%. Although the summer stalls, the number of films released more than a hundred, but the market performance dull. Not a movie at the box office over 1 billion yuan, the highest grossing film for "Tomb notes", reached 987 million yuan. Even if it is imported, only the "world of Warcraft" over 1 billion yuan, more than 1 billion 460 million yuan, almost later released "X" X-Men: Apocalypse "Pirates of the Caribbean shaking round 2" "Independence Day" comeback: 3 films at the box office and. The summer release of the Chinese animated film a total of 22, output of 1 billion 935 million yuan at the box office, is a "last summer" journey to the west "the return of the box office. Compared with last summer, this year’s box office did not meet expectations. The fear of the movie, go to flicker, impetuous, quick success will go to is a medicine China film. In the opinion of the director for the car size, 2016 summer movie battlefield is Starving people fill the land. nearly 100 films, involved in the fight, but few film fame and fortune, not a movie at the box office over 1 billion yuan, not a blockbuster phenomenon. China’s film market from last year’s summer to the box office this year, the myth of the Spring Festival, this summer has been helpless to break the file. "The film industry is complex, the construction of multiple evaluation system, to promote structural reform of China’s film supply side, to lay a solid foundation for sustainable development of Chinese film has been urgent. Look at the film, the rational perspective of Chinese Film: not so good, not so bad. How to use the charm of the film to win the market and win the audience is a new topic in front of the Chinese film."相关的主题文章: