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Home-and-Family Chiffon is a wonderful type of fabric, suitable for many different things and with its special see-through impression. It can be made out of a lot of different types of fabrics, for example silk, cotton and synthetics. The appearance and the sensations the fabric gives its bearer varies a lot though, depending on which material it’s been made from. Silk chiffon has much greater qualities than its .petitors. There are many ways you can know that the fabric is made from silk chiffon. First of all, you can tell simply by looking at it. Silk has a special type of shimmer to it and this makes it easy to tell it from for example cotton chiffon, which has a more dull look. Real silk is glimmering and the chiffon made from silk has a natural brightness to it. The sensation of the fabric when you touch it is also a fool-proof way to tell if it is made from silk. When you lift the fabric it is light and gives a sensation that can be described as floating – .pletely without stiffness, it just follows your every move. If you .pare this to chiffon made from cotton or polyester, it is a huge difference – these types are usually not nearly as light and they tend to be more stiff and not as directly responding to your movements as chiffon silk is. Chiffon that has been made from silk also has the great benefit of being 100% natural. This gives it the quality of being able to breath – the air will flow through it naturally which means your skin will feel .fortable and free. Chiffon fabrics that has been made out of synthetics will in most cases have you end up with feelings of dis.fort and stickiness. This is not the case with silk chiffon and this is why it is the best choice for summer clothing. If you want to have the best, silk chiffon is definitely the choice for you. It does make a huge difference both for the eye and for your own sensation when wearing it on your skin .pared to other types. When you want something extra, either to use as a draping over a dress or as a light summer blouse, chiffon silk is your number one pick. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: