Amazon Bestseller Campaign Management Mistakes To Avoid Regarding Your Joint Venture Partners-ghost observer

Marketing An Amazon Bestseller Campaign needs to be planned and executed with military-like precision. Some campaigns can involve in excess of a hundred different Joint Venture partners. This can add significant impact, to your campaign but, the more Joint Venture partners you have the wider the scope for things to go wrong. So here are some key questions to consider when deciding on who to approach regarding a Joint Venture partner for your Amazon Bestseller Campaign. 1. Are your potential Joint Venture partners already over-.mitted? Naturally, you want to attract high-profile individuals to your campaign. The challenge with this is that these individuals are usually inundated with requests plus they have their own schedule of events and launches. This means that in order to entice them to support your book marketing campaign you need to have a really good relationship with them and or very lucrative benefits for them to be.e involved. Remember these individuals will often be well-established and in a position to pick and choose the avenues through to expand their market-reach. 2. Do you have the right approach for your potential Joint Venture partners? If you’re approaching someone who has been involved in numerous Amazon Bestseller Campaigns and is themselves a best-selling author don’t bore them with details of what being involved in a bestseller campaign will do for them. They already know. And actually, they’re wise enough to also know that if they decide to participate in your campaign then you are the one who is likely to gain the most benefit by having someone of their calibre involved in your campaign. So you need to ensure that you create a win-win offer. 3. Do you have too many Joint Venture partners? You know the saying sometimes "less is more". Some book marketing campaigns involve over 100 different partners. However, 60-70 is good target to strive for. With every additional partner that you add to your list there is extra work involved in .municating with your partners and including them on your website. There’s no point in over-extending yourself. And don’t necessarily be dazzled by someone who has a large mailing list. There are many examples of individuals with relatively small, yet highly responsive lists as .pared to individuals with very large, yet unresponsive lists. The success of your Amazon Bestseller Campaign depends a great deal on the willingness of your partners to play out full and actively participate in the campaign at the critical times. Get this right and you’re well on your way to not only creating a bestselling book but also to paving the way for future lucrative Join Ventures. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: