An African American boy suspected of holding an air gun was shot by white

The beauty of a young African American to suspect because the air gun was a white policeman shot the original title: an African American Teenager killed by white police according to Xinhua news agency, Ohio Columbo city police said 15 days, the police station a police day before police shot and killed a handheld air gun 13 year old African American boy. Director Columbo city police Kim · Jacobs 15, said at a news conference, the police white police officer Brian · Mason received the evening of 14 armed robbery alarm after police in the arrest process, the 13 year old suspect Theil · gold out "equipped with laser sight pistol, Mason immediately. A few guns will tell · killed gold. Jacobs pointed out that after the police investigation confirmed that the Theil · the "pistol" is not real, but the air gun. Jacobs also stressed that the Theil · gold; air gun resembling police pistol. Theil · gold families to hire 15 lawyers saying the police questioned, and police witnesses pointed out that different, the lawyer also called for an independent investigation into this case. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: