Anger hit veteran hero Wang Lei fun romantic-kimi wo omou melodi

In anger "Heroes" hit "veteran" Wang Lei fun romantic Tencent entertainment news is Shenzhen TV prime time hit series "fury hero" actor "Yuan Shuai" Wang Lei recently successfully "circle powder" the fans sister, obviously can rely on the strength of the yen value but to rely on his play is small figure recorded growth of penetrating portrait of a good actor, but is the hand of Li Xiaomeng ten years loving husband. But we do not know, Wang Lei also more multiple identities: he is not concerned about the network popular retreat filming "old artist"; is the face of the fans do not understand her sister poker-faced, "upright boy"; voluntarily assume the set supervision responsibility, guide the masses actor filming "old cadres". Wang Lei did not know what is "small target" do not want to associate by the actor is not a good cook in "hero" and "anger while Wang Lei Deng Jiajia talked about love, play and Wang Lei are quarrelsome lovers Tucao for his dedication, but actually admiration:" I admire the actor is not much, Wang Leisuan a. Take "anger" when he saw countless extras in the hand position to teach acting in the sun again and again, the sweat lost eyes spent makeup, wipe his face said "come, then shoot, don’t let play cool!"". And do not want to guide the actor is not a good cook, in addition to the initiative to assume responsibility to go play, Wang Lei used this "love for the crew in the studio chowhound, personally cook. A good friend and good partner of his meal mengkua, but Wang Lei Deng Jiajia’s news hot Search ask three know: "I don’t know how she emptied micro-blog, did not pay attention to this matter. I knew she was filming in Beijing, good." "Veteran" of popular network care Wang Jianlin, the first to achieve a small target "stem does not know, when a target is" old artist "was:" I don’t know this, I hope to play a good role is my goal! Good ratings, everybody happy." Wang Lei play one feeling ten years to express feelings "OPEN" in the play and Deng Jiajia "tease" disgusting "anger" in Wang Lei and Deng Jiajia’s hero wrote emotional drama anti drug war spy the serious and tense line adds a touch of light bright, two people as a "servant" as a daughter, but as to the destruction of Japan’s "poison" plan together. Wang Lei in the opera "poker-faced often bullying" sister bridge so disgusting up screaming female drama powder. Two people walk in the area and a "mutual ambiguous Liao", and funny and blush. The subsequent development of anticipated Xiwai! And Li Xiaomeng ten years of loving as ever Wang Lei, was "the graduation ceremony to marry a kneeling" and a famous battle. In fact, after a career more and more busy busy even if he does not forget to give the other half anniversaries, after work to his small adorable bag with a bunch of flowers, the leisure time to accompany her fitness, had always been a very romantic person. "Veteran" way to express love is generous to a woman only, not afraid of making more afraid of warm expression: "is what I fear most is that we take the feelings of speculation in the propaganda, my mood is very casual, you want to take, so be it. I don’t think of myself as a mysterious star!相关的主题文章: