Antique city is now afraid of collapse ca1834

Around the antique fear now closures in antique art market operation, to understand the antiques industry special humanistic environment; business characteristics and the nature of the antique industry know; know professional knowledge and appreciation of antique industry regulation. Otherwise, the operation of the antique city is not long. Because the antique industry is a thousand trades the deepest line of business, especially in the current economic downturn and anti-corruption situation, around the antique city are basically difficult to maintain, merchants are also supported in the bleak. Under this economic situation, if the operators are not experts for advice, then this antique city will be closed sooner or later and was eliminated, it is only a matter of time. Because the antique city business operators do not know the difference between the antique culture of this particular cultural industry and other business ideas and models. They had opened a company to do business, made the management and so on, are likely to be able to master, but the antique market is not so easy. We know that the state-owned enterprises in the past jade factory, hardwood furniture factory, jewelry companies and other enterprises, in the tide of reform and opening up why gradually withdraw from the market. The main reason is that the industry has a strong professional and independent. This is a very professional cultural industry, is not able to manage layman layman; it is difficult to control the layman. Therefore, at home and abroad, only to understand the connoisseur of antiques experts who set up the industry chamber of Commerce to carry out self-management, and now the antique city operators are basically layman. For example, Beijing Tianya antique city had a market discipline, the dealer must be required to open. If you do not ask the market is likely to be punished, which is that they do not understand the characteristics of antique antiques show. Although this provision is in order to operate the market, but they do not know, businesses need to look around the country to find antique goods supply. Due to its pertinence and professional management, others can not replace operation, so the goods can only be closed down a few days. In fact, they do not know the business in addition to the store, there are a lot of shops outside the trading form. There are antique antique business and sell modern handicraft sell fake antique shops, can mix together business. They do not know, the classification of the market layout, is the basic knowledge of antique line. In fact, they do not understand what is the real antique, which is the operation of counterfeit antiques, and therefore can not be isolated, which hindered the operation and development of the market. Because the business of antique antiques dealers, is a modern art and operation of the automatic away. There are only know how to receive the antique shop rent, engage in fairs, do the auction of the three kind, take three big stick means of operation. Although the market can temporarily maintain the operation, but if you do not understand antiques, do not understand the professional operation, it will slowly enter the dead end business. In the antique market for many years the formation of non normal antique market, and now has begun to transform into the normal state, there will be a reshuffle of the antique city and antique merchants restructuring process. Merchants are eliminated, antique city is still possible to be eliminated. To enable enterprises to grow, bigger and stronger, it must be相关的主题文章: