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Any of the nine sages: Chelsea horse anti cold flat city Bayern single 3 Wendan sage SMG 017 Hamburg VS Dortmund tenth round of the Bundesliga negative, Hamburg last season ranked tenth overall performance over the previous two seasons have made great progress, the dot is runner up last season. The start of the season to the overall poor performance of the first 9 rounds of 2 flat 7 negative no wins and only two goals being ranked at the bottom. The visiting team currently 4 wins 3 flat 2 negative 20 goals to 10 in sixth, the team early overall mediocre, appeared to influence three fronts of the state is not small. With the strength of the two teams, state gap, disc 0.86 chupan Macao out by a ball half 1 is more objective and accurate, note by the Macao is 0.84 by a ball half 1.02, the company also with unity, compensate compensate 7 4.50 1.44 6.50 Libo, instant 4.50 1.48, also with the dish whole, the the right way should be played, in the color selection, sub selected guest let a ball.       072 Naples VS Lazio Kapp twelfth serie a last season, the League runner up last season against the Naples home court eighth Lazio. The home team nearly 6 league games, 3 wins and 3 draws, the state has declined compared to the previous period, the team is currently a total of 6 wins and 2 draws and 3 negative temporary row of fifth. The last 6 games 4 wins and 2 draws a negative overall condition is good, the team before the 11 round of 6 wins, 3 draws and 2 defeats in fourth. The two teams met 4 times before the outcome of each overall tie. The two teams in the overall gap is not the case, the Asian plate chupan Macao 1.04 half 0.82, have a preference for the home team, the note after the 0.92 half 0.94 continued support for the home team, the company maintained its unity, the first for the 1.67 3.80 4.75 day Libo, 1.67 3.80 and 4.75 instant dish identical on the whole, the visiting team points hopeless. China’s color first lord wins, 31 pass no problem. This period of nine to 32 yuan, trying to fight a fight: 03 304 305 3107 Bayern City West Ham Chelsea 308 Gore 3109 for Hamburg 010 Freiburg 3013 Naples 314 10相关的主题文章: