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Apple mobile phone charging at the fire – energy – original title: Apple mobile phone charging at the fire for more than 1 years to buy a variety of shelf life has been triggered similar Beijing Morning News Hotline news (reporter Zhang Jingshu) yesterday 2:00, the public Ms. Wang is charging iPhone6 Plus mobile phone mobile phone suddenly caught fire, the side was completely burned by cracking. Fortunately no injuries to people. Ms. Wang said that the phone was purchased last year, may day, although the shelf life, but the phone is used in the original charger, when the incident is still static charging. Yesterday, Ms. Wang will bring joy to Xidan mobile phone Apple store detection. Apple Corp customer service said, whether it is the quality of the machine itself needs to be tested. In addition, over the shelf life of the phone, even if the quality problem, users also need to bear maintenance costs. Ms. Wang recalled that when the incident is two in the morning, the phone charging less than two hours, charging is used with the original charger, and put the phone where the ventilation is good". Beijing morning news reporter saw Ms. Wang from the photographs provided by the mobile phone screen, but left intact, deformation and cracking and blackened marks. Put the phone’s sofa was burned out of a hole, next to a pack of paper towels have been burned marks. Yesterday, Ms. Wang found the store to buy, the other party should be recommended to stay in the store waiting for detection. Yesterday, the reporter called the Apple Corp, customer service staff said, if the phone is a normal charge case of fire, may be part of the problem, that is, quality issues. But it may also be improper charging environment, such as the current instability, such as the phone’s lead to lead to a short circuit. So first." In addition, the customer service staff said, Ms. Wang’s mobile phone warranty period has expired, even though it is a quality problem, want to repair also requires the user to pay the relevant expenses. Clue: Ma – Fire tips to avoid charging the mobile phone must be in charge when the mobile phone overheating. If it is found that the mobile phone has obvious high temperature, hot feeling or coke burnt taste, you must first stop charging. When charging to maintain good ventilation around the phone, do not place other flammable materials nearby, but can not put cloth. The charger is best placed on the floor tiles, it is recommended that the socket with a safety tube. In addition, as far as possible not to use the side of the charge, because when the battery itself to generate heat on the battery, the use of the words will allow the heat to increase the risk of explosion in a short time gathering." (Beijing Morning News) (: Yan Lu, commissioning editor Du Yanfei)相关的主题文章: