At present, China can enjoy hospice care services in patients with less than 1%- jodie foster

At present, China can enjoy the new network news wide-angle hospice service: for patients with inadequate 1%- placed life "last stand" in network engineering in network reporter Zhang Shiguang Intern Wang Jiaxi. As of 2014, was established in 1987 in Beijing house hospice was forced to move 7 times, including 4 times because of the surrounding residents against that, "hospice" is an unlucky matter. Editor’s note: today is the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Double Ninth Festival, the provisions of the "law" to protect the rights and interests of the elderly, the elderly day festival. For suffering from incurable diseases of the elderly, to find the life of the last stop is not easy. With the acceleration of the process of aging in our country, the aim of this study is to provide hospice palliative care for patients with this kind of disease. However, the lack of social awareness, lack of service supply, professional team has not yet been established, lack of policy support and other factors, restricting the development of hospice care. The old and the old. Let more elderly to enjoy life at the end of a section of the road, not only need to promote rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes, elderly patients such as hospitals and nursing homes for the construction of medical institutions, need more training, service price, in the way of reform of insurance talents in many aspects. Xiao Ning has been invited to the office again and again to the doctor, and the doctor finally, she begged two people each other. Xiao Ning asked the doctor not to let the sick father leave the hospital, but the doctor has repeatedly said, "you don’t trouble me, I was wrong, shouldn’t you come close, director today called me several times." In the end, Xiao Ning called an ambulance and took his father out of the hospital. Where is the end of the ambulance, no one knows. Xiao Ning still remember his father was on the train when he said: "what is the toss ah, I do not want to go, right here." There are many like Xiao Ning as father of the elderly, they have lost significance in medical treatment, the hospital would not treated, and to provide hospice services to small hospitals and rarely, families have no energy for daily care. Big hospital: we really can not take care of diabetes syndrome caused by heart failure, kidney failure, father more than a year’s time is difficult to move, Xiao Ning can only take his medical records. "I know not, but very contradictory, do not want to give up treatment, and do not want to over treatment, just want to let him ease the pain." Xiao Ning admitted that she did not want to let his father passed away at home, both outsiders eyes filial piety or worry, but also at home, children fear, fear. The results, she had cold-shoulder treatment in hospital. "From a medical point of view of hospice patients has been powerless, in medical treatment under the conditions of limited resources, this treatment should not be borne by the hospital. The dying patient is in a state of flux, and the family’s mood is different." Dr. Wang told reporters at the top three hospitals. The hospital is well known for its heart and brain disease, and the patient’s beds have filled the corridors. Wang said, according to the current assessment system, the patient died in the hospital,相关的主题文章: