At the center of the earth a multi dimensional center possible group exhibition opens

"At the center of the earth: a multi dimensional center may" group exhibition opens at 3 p.m. on September 21st, hosted by the Jiujiang Museum of art in the center of the earth: a multi dimensional center may be the official opening of the group exhibition. The exhibition by Guo Chengce exhibition, a total of 9 invited artists from life experience, creative ideas, personal feelings and show the level of science and technology of multi dimension of the "center" of the understanding, and invited nine people involved in the media. The opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the Jiujiang art museum curator Hu Yi presided over and interpreted the exhibition in the center of the meaning. The digital information age has occupied our lives, we are limited by the material conditions and living habits, "center" is an irrefutable reality. The "at the center of the Jiujiang Museum of Art — Art + media practice in the exhibition activities in the" center "to conduct a comprehensive anatomy, more possibilities of interpretation from the direction of center to create a culture, and the media. Exhibition curator Guo Guo introduced the work of the exhibition hall, curator Guo became the introduction of each of the meaning of the work, and want to give everyone a more intuitive feeling. "There’s never a center, all the meaning is relative." The sentence of Jacques Derrida can be a good interpretation of the exhibition, but this time the center is no longer strong to control all of the rights, but the formation of numerous small center in the center of the deconstruction process. The works of Yu Leen Yu Leen is committed to the creation of ceramic art, the studio is located in Jiangxi of Jingdezhen not far from Jiujiang, this time more than Leen we bring is an abstract representation, change your impression of exquisite porcelain smooth, creates an extraordinary experience with porcelain and glaze. Yu Leen deliberately set off a crack in the whole work, some people are always too perfect for ceramic works, flawless, but sometimes not perfect but can create a more different sense of beauty. This exhibition presents for everyone works whether from the hand or vision has a new concept into the past in environmental art creation, the "Oriental" as his source of nutrition, provide more sufficient inspiration and passion in the creation. The works of Gao Chunlei Gao Chunlei, Kuang Kuang agricultural works of agricultural two artists living and working in Jiujiang, painting and sculpture materials localization show is the focus of the two artists in the creation. Gao Chunlei from different angles to ask questions, whether the window to map out the distortion of the world is our real world, and now it is the founder of the illusion? He tried to show us a warm city appearance in painting way. It is the performance of local agricultural and natural features in his eyes to see with their own unique way, lakes and forest abstract features of nationalization. The works of Hu Yi Hu Yi is a very traditional painter, always adhere to the traditional things must stay with this piece of work is China painting materials, many people will take the ancient paintings to modern world, never to think about where the health, has been in the shadows, unable to feel the modern.相关的主题文章: