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UnCategorized If you are looking for a nice place for your homestay, Australia is possibly the best choice you could make! A homestay is a program where a family opens their home for you to .e and stay in a room in their home where you have access to everything, just like if you were a member of their family. Where the family lives, what kind of home they live in, and what facilities they have there is always different, but the general principle is the same – enjoy their life with them, and live like a local! Being in Australia in the first place is an amazing experience – it’s such a stunning country with amazing nature, fun activities, and friendly people, so even just being there, you’ll already be sure to have a fantastic time! But .bined with the fact that you’re able to live with the locals and experience real Australian life, a homestay experience will make your time in Australia much more rewarding. The great thing about Australia is that the people are friendly and helpful. They all have a great sense of humor, so you’ll find that the atmosphere with Australian people is usually fun, light-hearted, and enjoyable. They do however have a bit of a "private nature", so don’t be surprised if it takes them a while to warm up to you. But once you’ve broken the ice and made friends with an Australian, you’ll be chatting away like you’ve been best friends for years. Australia is an incredibly dry country, with most of the inner areas .pletely covered in desert (known fondly as "the Outback" by locals). This is why most Australians live along the coastal areas – over 90% of the population live near the beach! So, as you can imagine, the coastal cities and towns are where the fun happens. The nightlife is great, and during the day there are so many different things for you to do and see that you’ll inevitably run out of time before you can see everything – so be sure to stay as long as you can! If you enjoy nature, sports, or having a good time, Australia is the place to be! They are very .petitive in all aspects, and would love for you to join them. The climate is one of the biggest drawcards of spending your homestay in Australia. There is sunshine nearly all year round, which is probably why most Australians are always so relaxed, and why they love the "great outdoors". Most Australians are really enthusiastic about fishing, camping, bushwalking, and water sports, because there are so many gorgeous spots to enjoy outdoor activities. Australia is an active person’s dream – you can choose from one of hundreds of different kinds of fun activities there! If you choose to do a homestay in Australia, you’re bound to have an unforgettable experience, as long as you make effort to do as much as possible, and get to know as many locals as possible while you’re there. It’s a country that everyone has to experience at least once in their lives. No matter where in the world you are .ing from, you’ll find that it’s an easy country to be in, thanks to the large number of foreigners which live there (it’s one of the most multicultural countries in the world). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: