Australian Foreign Minister forced the EU to put pressure on China in the South China Sea with Phili-widcomm

Australian Foreign Minister China: EU force on the South China Sea pressure with Philippines stand – Sohu Military Channel as the South China Sea countries outside Australia, often in the South China Sea issue of Chinese today, everywhere comment brush presence. Australia, "Sydney Morning Herald" reported in September 8th, Australian Foreign Minister Bishop recently called on the EU to put pressure on the South China Sea China. And her logic is that Australia on the Crimea issue to support sanctions against Russia, so the EU should be in the South China Sea issue and Philippines stand together". Bishop is in, Germany, the Berlin think tank, a meeting of the foundation of the questions raised this logic, then she clarified that he is not calling for sanctions against china. "My view is that when a country wants to redraw the boundaries of the country, other countries have to support international judgments. That’s my point, "she said. Perhaps the only statement said he forgot before the Permanent Court of arbitration at the Hague has no legal power to hold hearings on East Timor and the Australian Maritime Delimitation disputes, the legal effect of Australia do not recognize its arbitration results. She was in Berlin to China does not accept the arbitration tribunal for the South China Sea arbitration arbitration results the so-called improper criticism. She said that the final result of arbitration in Hague is clear and binding". Australia reaffirms its right to freedom of navigation and navigation in the international waters of the South China sea. "We also look forward to the EU’s support for the international arbitration order," she told the German lawmakers and policy makers… When Russia wants to re demarcation of Ukraine and Crimea, Australia to support the EU to impose sanctions on russia". Previously, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang on the Australian Foreign Minister Bishop comments on the South China Sea issue said at a regular press conference, do not put things as a violation of international law and international law, otherwise the tone is high, caused in the practice of international justice and international relations may be greater. In this regard, there are four words for Australia — "pernicious".相关的主题文章: