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Australian troops in seventeenth units of rotation residents was sleeping – Sohu military channel according to the "People’s Republic of China Garrison Law of the Macao Special Administrative Region" and the central military command, Chinese people’s Liberation Army troops stationed in Macao on the morning of August 29th, successfully completed in Macao since the seventeenth units of rotation. Before and after the rotation, the number of troops stationed in the Macao Special Administrative Region and the number of equipment remained unchanged. 5 am, the troops stationed in Macao mountain in Zhuhai camp held a solemn farewell ceremony rotation. Commander General Wang Wen in his speech stressed that the implementation of the system is the full rotation of troops and declaration of sovereignty, national prestige and military might reveal the glorious mission and responsibility, hope in Macao replace its defense of the rotation of officers and soldiers, continue to study and implement the important speech of President Xi series especially in speech and visit in "71" the spirit of the important speech, with the party strong army targets in under the new situation for the lead, and always adhere to the ideological and political construction in the first place, and always adhere to the preparations for the war as the first priority, always adhere to the law forces strictly, in order to maintain long-term prosperity and stability of Macao to make new and greater contributions. At 6:30 in the morning, Australia and Macao into rotation rotation defense officers and men to participate in the handover ceremony in Macao Taipa barracks. Political commissar of the Macao garrison general Zhang Zhimeng speech at the ceremony, praised the rotation out of Australian troops, and resolutely implement the great principle of "one country two systems", perform defense duties according to law, show a good image of a mighty and civilized in action, won the Macao people praise. At the same time encouraged Australia to fulfill defense officers and soldiers into the rotation, keep in mind the trust of the party and the people, continue to carry forward the spirit of Chinese Embassy in Australia, in strict accordance with the basic law and the Garrison Law, faithfully perform their duties, love of the Australian people, encourage the beginning of the heart, to become a new generation of "revolutionary soldier, and strive to become the Elite Giants to effectively perform the defense of Macao, to produce excellent answer to the party and the people. To try not to interfere with the lives of the people, the rotation is still in accordance with the practice of choice in the early morning. The rotation of the work organized, orderly, safe and smooth. The rotation of troops is an important military activity in the Macao garrison to declare sovereignty, exercise, army inspection is the favorable opportunity, therefore, the rotation from the staff to the equipment according to the actual requirements of standards, which is conducive to improve our ability to fulfill the Macao defense.相关的主题文章: