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College-University Aventis Research Centre for Organizational Psychology is an independent, non-profit organization, registered under Aventis School of Management, a leading graduate school based in Asia. It is set up primarily to provide organizational capacity building and advisory services to organizations and leaders in Asia. The Centre specializes in process facilitation and the provision of advisory services that enhance organizational and team effectiveness as well as the competence of leaders by integrating the latest organizational framework with research findings to enhance learning and the management of change at all levels of system in a multi-cultural environment. About Industrial & Organizational Psychology Industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology is the scientific study of the workplace. Rigor and methods of psychology are applied to issues of critical relevance to business, including talent management, coaching, assessment, selection, training, organizational development, performance, and work-life balance. Industrial and organizational psychology (also known as work psychology or occupational) applies psychology to organizations and the workplace. Industrial-organizational psychologists contribute to an organization’s success by improving the performance and well-being of its people by researching and identifying how behaviors and attitudes can be improved through hiring practices, training programs, and feedback systems Aventis School of Management Aventis is one of the most noted names in terms of MBA in Singapore. They offer executive master programs of various specializations as well. In the recent past there has been a high demand for the people having a degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (IOP). This has been thought of as a great human resource as it is a scientific study of the human behavior. Professionals having a degree in organizational psychology can bridge the gap between the employees and the management and lead to the better utilization of any given employee in a work sector. The study also focuses on promoting the mental health and productivity of any given employee. Thus graduates of IOP are in top demand across Asia. In view of this growing demand, Aventis in collaboration with Baruch College, The City University of New York offers the Executive Masters of Industrial & Organizational Psychology and HR. Baruch College is one of Americas Top Ranked College for IO Psychology, Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), division 14 of American Psychological Association (APA) , a scientific and professional organization that represents psychologists rates the PhD program from Baruch College as one of the Top 20 PhD programs in USA. The Department of Psychology is highly respected for the high caliber of internationally renowned faculty which are widely published and cited in journals and conferences. Aventis Research Centre for Organizational Psychology Aventis Research Centre for Organizational Psychology (IOP) is one of the key research centers of Aventis School of Management, a leading Graduate School. The recently launched Aventis Research Centre for Organizational Psychology is a key facility for Aventis School of Management, one of the leading MBA institutes in Singapore and Asia. Students of Aventis RCOP will gain access to various research facilities in the form of the independence to conduct multi disciplinary research access to think thank research consortiums, libraries and other research centers. The faculties that will be helping the students are the best in their field of expertise. The aim of the Aventis School of Management is to develop real world, real time Knowledge and innovations that will transform the global business policies and practices. Aventis is noted for its openness to multidisciplinary research, not only within its schools and departments, but also in its think thank institutes, libraries and research centres. These Centres of Excellence whilst funded by Aventis enjoy significant autonomy both in pursuing their research goals and strategic directions. Each Centre of Excellence has its own Governing Board and research funding. These Centres of excellence serve as a meeting of the minds for the faculty, students, and members of the business community, who come together to share and debate key business challenges and future trends. Drawn from the best in research and industries across the world, these Centres aims to develop real-world, real-time knowledge and innovations that transform global business practice and policy. Their work contributes significantly to course development, academic programs, community outreach, published research, and partnerships among academics, government, and industry IO Psychology Careers Opportunities I-O psychologists are trained in the "scientist-practitioner" model. The training enables I-O psychologists to employ scientific principles and research-based designs to generate knowledge. They use what they have learned in applied settings to help clients address workplace needs. I-O psychologists are employed as professors, researchers, and consultants. They also work within organizations, often as part of a human resources department where they coordinate hiring and organizational development initiatives from an evidence-based perspective. The suite of Executive Masters and Graduate Diploma programs in IOP covers study areas across career development, role of personality in a given work place, employment relations, personnel selection, psychology of the consumers and other ergonomics. With a detailed study of these areas the students will have a wide range of employment opportunities. The undergraduate degree in IOP may lead to employment opportunities in organizational development, human resource management, ergonomics, industrial relations, etc. While a post graduate degree may give the opportunities to become a psychometric, counselor, etc. So check out the latest course offering and opportunities at .aventis.edu.sg About the Author: 相关的主题文章: