Award Winning Comedian Don Barnhart Writes, Directs And Stars In The New Comedy Film Freeloader-cosmax

Movies-TV Freeloader is the story of a returning Veteran that finds out his wife is cheating on him and by selling off their house and belongings leaves him alone and homeless. Setting out to find himself, he ends up on the streets in Las Vegas and uses his wit and humor to find his way back to reality. This is will be the second feature film written, directed and and starring nationally acclaimed and award-winning comedian Don Barnhart, Jr. "The story deals with the ongoing homeless problem here in Las Vegas and Freeloader becomes the Robin Hood of the homeless," said Barnhart in a recent interview while on tour headlining for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. He added, "I really like using comedy to deal with current affairs and hard to face issues and I try to do that in my stand up show as well." With encouragement from comedy guru Judd Apatow, Barnhart is setting out to do his own thing. Barnhart and Apatow both started out as stand up comics and they ran into each other at the Comedy Festival in Montreal. "Judd was always encouraging", said Barnhart. "He and Jimmy Miller both encouraged me to go for it". Barnhart’s production company was selected to showcase his TV show, The Freedom of Speech Comedy Series at The Montreal Comedy Festival and Don was recently the Featured Comedian on MySpace as well as winning last year’s American Idol Underground’s Comedy Contest. Barnhart is currently on tour with his DeEvolution of Man Comedy Show that he is developing into a one-man show and he will take time off to shoot the film Freeloader. Industry executives commented, "This is a great script that you shouldn’t let go. Do it yourself and you could be the next great comedy star." Freeloader will be produced under the Don Barnhart Entertainment production company and is truly a family run business with producer and wife of Barnhart Jr, Linda Vu who produced and starred in China Dolls and is the author of Fit, Feminine & Fabulous along with Skip Burrows whose recent credits include Con Air, The Mexican, 12 Monkeys and 3000 Miles To Graceland. Barnhart’s first film, "China Dolls" was a self-funded independent film that deals with the issue of human trafficking and is getting great audience reviews and earning the company money. Don added, "This was an ultra low-budget project that we shot ourselves and put it up on the internet and self distributed. With the power of the online community, we’ve already made our money back thru downloads and DVD sales." "With the success of our first project, it was really a no-brainer to produce Freeloader ourselves and take on another film," said Vu. She added,"If we can capture on film what Don does so naturally on stage, it’s sure to be a hit." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: