Baishi simplified the people of the village (the burden of rural civilization tour) –

Baishi simplified   the people of the village (the burden of rural civilization tour) – Society – "in recent years, improve the living standards of many, but the ritual ceremonial occasions have gone up, the villagers overwhelmed." Jing Zhong Zhen Dong Wang Cun Da Dui in Linzi District of Shandong city in Zibo Province, mud rub villagers Cui Xingming said. Mention of a ritual, the tan Joskin calculations to reporters, in the village, every year along with two hundred or three hundred, said to have two thousand or three thousand yuan. "This is the two thousand or three thousand pounds of food sent out, you said that love dearly do not feel bad?" However, now the east Wang Guan village villagers relaxed. How can the customs of thousands of years change? "The villagers Daxinyanli resentment against with the gift, but no one was willing to succeed, for fear of losing face."  , director of the village Yuan Hong said that in the government’s push and guidance, the villagers on the pole down miles! Two years ago, the implementation of the "rural reform project of Linzi District, the 432 Village Council established in red and white and white on a standard for the whole. Wang Guan Cun East District to implement response call, do simple marriage, along with 50 yuan cap, no longer eat banquet. As a member of the village council of red and white, Cui Xingming also began to make arrangements for his son, marriage, keep it simple. On the wedding day, relatives and friends gathered 10 tables, folks will no longer entertain seats. The village loudspeakers also inform the villagers not to eat banquet, red and white board in the field of supervision. "Now get married, the villagers symbolically with a little money to bless you, do not worry about the wedding do not worry about the romantic, not wasted." Cui Xingming said. Talk to the villagers wedding, Three River Street office director Liu Xiuming Village Management Office of spiritual civilization in Jiaozhou City: "now no matter who married off the reel in the village, with three vehicles — village secretary car pulled the groom, the village director car pull the bride, and a camera to the car, do not spend money." Married along the way is full of village committee cadres. In Jiaozhou, the village of Baishi by the white Council a cuisine, pomp than lavish extravagant atmosphere and no outdated customs and bad habits. Combining the actual situation of rural Shandong, the refinement into the village, the red and white board construction as an important starting point and key tasks of customs work. The white Council elected by the people of noble character and high prestige enthusiastic service, fairness, and thrift, people with a certain etiquette skills, according to the unified standards, procedures and rituals, is free to help the whole people make arrangements for weddings and funerals. At present, the province established the white Council 86 thousand, coverage rate reached 67%. By the end of 2016, Shandong province will establish and improve the General Council of red and white. A funeral management Village on the registration form, the village recently Jane do a funeral expenses totaling 890 yuan. In the past, incense offerings, dinner theater, hire…… Spend at least 10 thousand yuan, is not a small burden on rural ordinary families. Now, listen to the lost red and white board, distribution wreath, wear black armbands, corsage, bow to change bow, not only retains the proper ceremony, also let the bereaved villagers no longer withstand physical suffering. In Linzi, a funeral funeral time spent only one thousand yuan, compressed by three days to one day. Can’t see any more相关的主题文章: