Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel Co restructuring of China’s iron and steel industry revealed a concen dataload

Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and steel joint reorganization of China’s steel industry revealed concentration trend – Sohu news map. Zhang Hengwei agency issued photo China News Agency, Beijing in September 22,   (Chen Su) China SASAC official website 22 announcement: approved by the State Council, Baosteel Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Baosteel") and Wuhan Iron & Steel (Group) Company (hereinafter referred to as WISCO) implementation of the joint reorganization. According to the plan, from the closing date, Wuhan whole free classified Baosteel, Baosteel was renamed China Bao Wu Steel Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese Bao Wu"). At the end of June this year, Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group also announced the suspension announcement, the announcement shows the controlling shareholder of Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel is planning a strategic restructuring. China’s top two iron and steel enterprises in the central marriage, known as China’s steel industry in recent years, the largest restructuring events. According to statistics, after the reorganization of the China Bao Wu total assets will exceed 700 billion yuan (RMB, same below), the annual production capacity will reach 60 million tons, the world’s largest scale after ArcelorMittal steel enterprises. 2015 was regarded as a turning point in China’s steel industry, the country’s crude steel production in the past 34 years, the first negative growth, a large number of iron and steel enterprises huge losses, the whole industry into the winter. Vice president of Chinese Industry Association Chi Jingdong said, Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel iron and steel industry restructuring is China demonstration through the restructuring of the restructuring, to avoid vicious competition, improve the market competitiveness, but also represents the future development trend of the industry. He said that the merger and reorganization will become the leading Chinese steel industry, by 2025, China’s steel industry will focus on the 60%-70% in the large group of about ten.相关的主题文章: