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Because wearing Nike shoes were canceled grants, poor students should be how to identify? Sohu Education recently, net posts because of wearing Nike shoes were canceled grants caused hot friends. According to the authors, the university has a classmate, always wearing yellow shoes to play cracking, home to live frugally for several months, he bought sixty percent off doubles Nike shoes. He treasures every kick the ball to brush again. Later, he was eligible for financial aid was canceled, because the poor students should have the appearance of poor students, and he cried for a long time, I bought a pair of Nike shoes, will be canceled eligibility for grants? This discussion raises the topic more than 20 thousand in micro-blog, and in the newspaper administrative micro-blog push, also had to read 100 thousand +. What do you think? The most vicious words, than the poor students should have the appearance of poverty, I have heard the most vicious words, poor students should have the appearance of poor students. I would like to ask, what kind of poor students, can only wear rags? Can not have a little beauty of the heart? Or should we throw away the dignity, and then live in the eyes of mercy?" This comment has won 5540 praise! This represents the views of many users – poverty or not really a pair of Nike shoes can explain it? @ good blogger comments: I think many people the wrong question. This article is mainly to say that poor students can not pursue a better life? Poor students have to look like a poor student? Poor students should also be respected… Not the question of who gets the grant. Fine, @ domineering: I don’t understand what is called the poor students should have the way that some poor students? Poor students should have that line, for example, according to the annual family income community proof, etc.. If all procedures are reasonable, he is a poor student. Instead of a family for a long time and bought a pair of good shoes and denied he was poor, but this is a poor young families do their best to meet him and his peers who seek the minimum. Right: 77 @ Shao to see so many replies, I want to ask you really read this article? First of all, is the mother to buy shoes, the children did not know, if he knows will not agree, the students did not buy any worth showing off things for yourself, but don’t pick up the students, this is called vanity? Second, vanity and the pursuit of aesthetic is not the same. @ WTO said, this is typical of the feudal ethics and asceticism. @ ah babble: not every di6 boy to wear brand-name, and buy a pair of how, grant is not used subsidies to poor families, let the children of a poor family like clothing, like a normal person, if the poor get grants, or all dare not eat, dare not wear, dare to use, then we have grants do what? Weihnachtsfest: poor students is what you told me, with dishevelled hair and a dirty face? Hungry? Shabby in dress? So you are not to say, look, that person, even if the poor, but also did not clean up the mess all day. Home distressed children, live frugally to buy good stuff, you said that people wear so good, what is poverty? Always reluctant to相关的主题文章: