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Beijing official heating ahead of 13 days will have a strong cold air activity – Beijing News (reporter Xin Na) Beijing heating ahead! In November 4th, according to the Beijing municipal government decided that the official winter heating ahead of time to November 13th, compared to previous years, two days in advance. In addition, today, the residents of Beijing heating boilers will also fire heating test. November 13th official heating two days ahead of heating? It is understood, according to the results of the latest weather forecast, in November 13th there will be a strong cold air activity, likely to be 5 consecutive days daily average temperature below 5 DEG C. For non resident users heating time is ahead of time, the relevant person in charge, the heating time of non resident users by heating units and heating enterprises to determine the two sides. Today, the beginning of fire heating to ensure that the formal heating, the residents can reach 18 degrees of room temperature, today, the heating companies in Beijing will advance ignition test run. Prior to this, the city management committee has been to the district heating Department, heating units issued in advance heating instructions to do a good job security measures. According to reports, test during the heating, the heating unit will promptly solve the leaking problem, eliminate safety hazards, do security system debugging, November 13th 0 standard heating. Relevant person in charge to remind the public if the heating is not hot, water leakage and other issues, you can call the heating unit maintenance service phone, the results of the treatment of opinions, you can call 12345 hotline complaints. Why try to advance construction of 1 heating? Easy for residents and heating units to find and solve the heating problem today, Beijing heating enterprises have been heating ignition test. People will continue to hear the sound of water pipes, and even feel a touch of warm. In charge of city heating Department responsible person to explain, try heating mainly to preheat heating pipe and equipment, and heating units for residents to discover and solve the heating problems, so as to ensure the formal heating temperature standards. What is the difference between heating and heating? The person in charge of the trial heating period, the people at home may be less than 18 degrees Celsius temperature standards, but the formal heating must be required to reach 18 degrees celsius. Compared to the formal heating, the public complained that the central heating room temperature is not up to standard, during the trial heating, there will be run, run, drip, leakage and other phenomena. Relevant departments to remind the public, should be found in the heating problem, and to the heating business complaints feedback, in the formal heating, the problem will be solved. On the 2 day 13 can guarantee the temperature standards? City heating Office said the ignition advance for two days, 13 days 0 when reaching the insurable two days in advance of heating, Beijing city is the third time since 2006 to start heating in advance. Previously, Beijing had in 2009 and in 2012 due to extreme weather, heating ahead of schedule. Two days ahead of heating, the majority of people will be worried about the formal heating, room temperature can reach the standard of 18? It is understood that, as early as the end of October, Beijing more than 1 thousand and 300 heatingenterprises is ready for firing, for example, Panjiayuan is located in the vicinity of Beijing Siu Kai Property Management co..相关的主题文章: