Beijing in the winter of the old restaurant garlic stuffing dumplings sold half a day

Li winter Beijing time-honored restaurants: "garlic dumpling stuffing" half sold new network light in winter with the rapid decline in vertical temperature, winter solar term party. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporters visited some time-honored restaurant, barbecue season, barbecue Wan, Xi’an old restaurant, and a smooth, casserole habitat and many other time-honored, in advance for thermal dishes prepared under the winter barbecue, boiled meat, steamed dumplings, casserole, fill the winter "". Huifeng dumpling house all kinds of handmade Boiled dumplings yesterday sold more than 3 thousand copies, first launched the "garlic stuffing dumplings, limited edition of 300 copies sold for a long time. While Beijing is the old "Lidongben shake lantern" tradition, Jin Fang, Gongdelin lantern also officially listed in yesterday. The first "garlic dumplings stuffing" hot saw in the West Fourth Huifeng Dumpling House reporter, morning before 10 customers to shop or eat dumplings, 10 single takeaway about customers already lined up. In addition to the common beef and carrot, onion, fresh mutton and other traditional flavors this year is also special for manual Boiled dumplings, winter with a "garlic cabbage dumplings". West Fourth Huifeng dumpling house manager Zhang Hong introduction, the shop to prepare 40 kinds of Lidongben handmade Boiled dumplings, a total of more than 3 thousand, the most popular beef, sheep meat stuffing Boiled dumplings accounted for about 40% of the sales, delivery accounted for 3 into. Garlic can reduce blood fat, prevent arthritis, anti-aging and other therapeutic effects on the human body, "garlic stuffing" manual is also launched in the beginning of winter this year for the first time Boiled dumplings. Because it is a new taste, so only prepared 300 copies, I did not expect to sell half a day. Reporters learned that the old Xi’an restaurant yesterday, sales of beef and mutton bubble steamed bun, morel mushroom bun more than 1 thousand bowl, according to the usual practice, for free "bubble steamed mutton soup to the bowl in the winter continued". In the day of the sale Casserole Dishes Zhian white meat casserole casserole over 600. When the barbecue Shabu Shabu "Lidong" home some time-honored restaurants in ShabuShabu, barbecue "alone", a time-honored and Shun in addition to the traditional boiling meat for the winter, especially from western Inner Mongolia introduced a special sheep brain, sheep, sheep hind tendon boutique site ShabuShabu, yesterday sold a total of copper nearly 300 pot pot shabushabu. The copper pot ShabuShabu famous old Beijing Huifeng Shabu Shabu Shabu Shabu Pavilion, prepare all kinds of supply of more than 1 thousand and 500 copies, compared to the same period last year increased by more than 30%. Barbecue Season and barbecue Wan Lidong prepared a national non survivors of Beijing barbecue more than 1 thousand and 600 pounds, the supply of more than in previous years. Eat dumplings winter northerners, southerners eat rice cake. Gokokuji snack store yesterday morning there are customers queuing to buy rice cake, "began selling a few days ago, a day to sell more than and 300 copies." Gokokuji snack store manager Li Qiuhua said, "this winter, at least doubled sales." The time-honored Lidongben listed Beijing time-honored "Lidongben shake lantern" tradition, but the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar is the traditional Lantern Festival Lantern Festival, why begin to shake in the first year of winter? An industry source, you can get Glutinous Rice Balls frozen throughout the year, but the lantern to "shake and sell", short shelf life, and it means that winter is coming, with the launch of the Lantern Festival is also an occasional solar term. For students相关的主题文章: