Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau, interviewed the chain of home, I love my family, ten home didadi

Ten days before the Beijing real estate intermediary such as interviews Industrial and Commercial Bureau chain home, I love my family, for the standardized operation of real estate agency, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, municipal construction committee and the Beijing real estate industry associations, the chain of home, I love my family, the wheat, the deposit of the housing, the golden time, Hua Xi, full, easy integration, the Central Plains, Yi Xing’s ten real estate agency to conduct interviews. Interviews at the meeting, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau requires intermediaries to strengthen self-examination, improve self-discipline consciousness; strengthen its stores and staff management, improve the internal management level; the establishment of long-term mechanism of internal control. The Construction Committee of the intermediary agencies have made five requirements, standardize the information release; regulate the transaction capital supervision; regulate the system management; strictly implement the intermediary industry filing system; regulate the management of brokers. It is understood that after the questioning, the city will combine the real estate intermediary regulation. For the illegal acts of real estate agency and brokerage personnel were severely punished; illegal behavior of the masses and complaints immediately investigation, timely treatment, timely exposure; intensify efforts to investigate and punish at the same time to record the credit archives, the Joint Disciplinary implemented by the relevant departments, and the public exposure, for alleged criminal offenses the personnel shall be transferred to the Public Security Department of justice; the establishment of long-term mechanism of innovation supervision, industry and commerce departments and quasi real estate association starting from the industry autonomy, strict market access, strengthen supervision, standardize services competition. September 30th, the Municipal Construction Committee, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce jointly issued a "focus on the development of real estate intermediary market special inspection notice". As of now, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau Inspection Corps carried out large-scale special inspection operations in the real estate intermediary institutions and key real estate sales center as the focus, to crack down on the current real estate intermediary institutions operating without a license, unauthorized change of registered items, the implementation of the contract fraud violations, and real estate intermediary website, shop and print content violates "advertising law", "Anti Unfair Competition Law" and other illegal activities. The 1646 real estate agencies were examined, filed 45 cases, closed 14 cases, fines 585 yuan.相关的主题文章: