Beijing interviewed Qingfeng Bao zipu 13 ineffective tobacco control catering

Beijing interviewed Qingfeng Bao zipu 13 ineffective tobacco control catering enterprises original title: sea fishing and other 13 catering chain enterprises to be interviewed are dealt with units and individuals to be included in the blacklist of legal network reporter Wang Kaiguang   this afternoon, Beijing city food and tobacco control unit and interviews to create smoke-free restaurant launch ceremony held in beijing. The "Legal Daily" reporters learned from the meeting, because of complaints has accumulated more than 5 times, Dayali, golden hand spoon, Meizhou Dongpo, a long time ago, the people’s commune canteen, on ice, scorpion palace, sea fishing, barbecue hut, Jin Dingxuan, point on, old town pot, Qing Feng Baozipu 13 tobacco control poor restaurant chain to be interviewed. Beijing City Tobacco Control Association President Zhang Jianshu told the "Legal Daily" reporter, "the implementation of more than a year Beijing Smoking Control Ordinance", smoking in indoor public places the phenomenon of a significant decrease of regulations public satisfaction is high, but the restaurant is still, people are most concerned about, the most complaints place. According to Zhang Jianshu, can be seen from the background data of the Beijing Tobacco Control Association "tobacco control chart", from September last year, in the 7603 masses of complaints received, 2556 times about 42% for restaurant complaints. "This shows that people’s awareness of the health hazards of secondhand smoke more, maintain the health right according to law awareness, on the other hand also shows that the restaurant is indeed a priority among priorities we smoke-free work in Beijing." Zhang Jianshu said. Beijing City Health Authority Deputy Director Wang Benjin disclosed, in order to supervise and promote the various places to implement the main responsibility, Beijing city has been carried out on the monthly exposure punishment unit, belonging to the administrative supervision object units or individuals, as alleged violation of administrative discipline clues, monthly reporting and supervision departments. Meanwhile, Beijing is actively studying, intends to be investigated units, individuals into the integrity of the system, into the blacklist". At the meeting, Beijing City Tobacco Control Association, Beijing City Food Association jointly launched the "smoke-free enjoy delicious, healthy for me — to create smoke-free restaurant" activities, to further strengthen the Beijing smoke-free environment, optimize the restaurant tobacco control work, raise public awareness of the law, the implementation of social governance model. "Beijing city" into the history of the most stringent tobacco control ", not many people worry about the" catering consumption decline "of the situation, on the contrary, because of not smoking, eating time, turn sets the rate can be improved, but also improve the satisfaction of customers. The demonstration activities to create a smoke-free restaurant, the plan selected 100 model with "a restaurant, with 100, 1000, 10000" popularity "baiqianwan project concept", with the power of example, radiating to the city’s more catering enterprises to join the construction of smoke-free restaurants to ultimately enhance the capital of the catering industry the overall level of service." Beijing food and Beverage Industry Association vice president Qi Fengjun said. Qi Fengjun said that since November 20th, Beijing Tobacco Control Association and Beijing City Food Industry Association will participate in publicity for the Restaurant Restaurant Directory to create a smoke-free, smoke-free environment and mobilize the public to supervise the evaluation of candidate restaurant. November 21st to December 10th, Beijing Peng Peng相关的主题文章: