Beijing nearly 12 thousand people queuing and other new energy license plate – Shandong Channel –

Beijing nearly 12 thousand people queuing for new energy plate – Shandong Channel – yesterday, a small passenger car Index Office issued this period Yaohao basic data, the Beijing morning news reporter found out, although the annual index of new energy vehicles has been finished in the last round, but this is still 11864 applicants waiting for a new person energy index. Index difficulty or new high of ordinary passenger car index. Yesterday, the passenger car Index Office issued data, as of October 8th, 24, the cumulative receipt of individual new energy vehicles indicators and confirmed a total of 11864 delays. In fact, as of the previous period, the city this year, 60 thousand new energy indicators have been used all the light, these applicants want to qualify for a car, can only hope that the first round of this year’s first round of new energy vehicles index abandoned or wait for next year’s indicators. According to the current regulations, the new energy vehicle index can return to the Yaohao pool in the year, but the new energy indicators that have not been configured in the year, as well as expired unused indicators are invalid years. This also means that the current round and the next round will be "abandoned number" back to the Yaohao pool. According to the industry forecast, with the gradual heating of new energy vehicles, it is expected that the number of "abandoned" will not be too much, therefore, quite a number of applicants in this period are actually booking ahead of schedule new energy vehicles indicators next year. In terms of ordinary passenger car indicators, as of October 8th, 24, the passenger car configuration index received a total of 2718977 applications and confirmed a total of 77687; there are 47235 enterprises and other units to apply for two. Compared with the previous period, the average number of applicants for ordinary passenger cars has increased by nearly 30 thousand people, so the difficulty coefficient of Yaohao will be further increased. (Cao Jingrui) (commissioning editor Zheng Puli and Hu Honglin)

北京近1.2万人排队等新能源车牌–山东频道–人民网 昨天,小客车指标办发布本期摇号基本数据,北京晨报记者梳理发现,虽然本年度的新能源车指标已经在上一轮用光,但本期仍有11864名申请者等着申请个人新能源指标。普通小客车指标中签难度或再创新高。 昨天,小客车指标办发布数据,截至10月8日24时,累计收到个人新能源车指标和确认延期的共11864个。实际上截至上一期,本市今年年内6万个新能源指标就已经全部用光,这些申请人想要有资格买车,只能寄希望于今年年初首轮新能源车指标的弃号或是等待明年的指标。 按照目前规定,新能源车指标年内可以重回摇号池,但当年未配置完的新能源指标,以及过期未使用的指标跨年就作废了。这也意味着,本轮和下一轮都将可能出现“弃号”重回摇号池。据业内人士预测,随着为新能源车逐步受热捧,预计“弃号”数量不会太多,因此本期相当一部分申请者实际是提前预约了明年的新能源车指标。 普通小客车指标方面,截至10月8日24时,小客车配置指标累计收到个人申请和确认延期的共2718977个;有47235家企事业等单位申请77687个。和上期相比,普通小客车个人指标申请者增加了近3万人,为此,摇号的难度系数或将进一步加大。(曹晶瑞) (责编:郑浦丽、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: