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Beijing today, the highest temperature is only 23 degrees of rain or thunderstorms – Beijing morning news (reporter Wang Hailiang) said the important thing for the three time, today, the maximum temperature of only 23 degrees, 23 degrees, 23 degrees c! In contrast, yesterday the most Southern Observatory high temperature of 30.3 DEG C temperature range up to 7 DEG C +, and today with showers or thunderstorms, a cold autumn rain, rain, go to Tim clothes today. Legend of the rain + cooling will hit today. Specific forecast rainfall is: yesterday after midnight rain, today the main rainfall periods in the morning and afternoon, as showers or thunderstorms, local heavy rain greater short-term rainfall in most areas for small to moderate. Today before midnight, the rain is over. Tim autumn cold, today the highest temperature is only 23 degrees, is since September the most cool day, going out must be good friends for rain and warm, essential and long sleeved jacket. City meteorological experts said that today the rain, will drive away the last heat this summer to leave, from next week forecast, the highest temperature during the day will be more difficult to break through 30 degrees, from today to Tuesday three days are cloudy showers, next Wednesday cloudy or sunny. As the weather turns cool, people friends pay more attention to seasonal health, prevent catch cold. Cool to add clothes, it also "autumn freeze"? In the end when the freeze? Weather experts said, "autumn aspic" to pay attention to, the elderly, children, cerebrovascular disease, asthma, arthritis patients are not suitable for autumn freeze". The temperature difference between day and night, it should be timely to add clothing, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold. "Autumn aspic" should pay attention to the navel position, feet should not be cold, warm well. Autumn is a good time to exercise, the recent Beijing Gao Yundan "beauty" to the public is praise, in the beautiful blue sky, you should choose not too intense, relaxed gentle movement.相关的主题文章: