Beijing – VIDEO – China pasta township of Shanxi hit four the best of guinness winsockfix

Beijing – VIDEO – China pasta township of Shanxi hit four "the best of Guinness" [comment] in August 26th, the first Shanxi Chinese pasta Cultural Festival, "the largest surface" "cut knife" "maximum" pot "largest architectural modeling dough set four world Shanghai Guinness record. In everyone’s expectations, the diameter of 6.8 meters, 0.8 meters high, made of stainless steel to complete the "world’s largest surface pot" is slowly uncover, 100 surface artists were standing on a high stool ring, hand face knife fast cut out a uniform thickness of patch. For a time, the air patch flying, steaming pot. This activity has also been certified as "the largest surface activity". At the same time, a long 1.07 meters, weighing about 14 kilograms, the largest cut knife has also been used. This knife to Guan Yu Tsing Lung Yan yuedao design elements, the selection of products from Shanxi Yuncheng Zhongtiaoshan high quality brass inlays and the dragons swallow the moon pattern, blade is made of high quality steel. Although the body is heavy, but in the face of professional artists in the hands, but still flexible. When we have just begun to practice, master Qin Chuangnian said, at least at the beginning of the level cut 100 knives, cut the middle level of the knife, the advanced level of breath, at least to cut a knife of 386 times a year. The surface of fine flour and then cut the needle, a needle can be worn inside 10. In fact, the fine flour it particularly well cooked, cooked for a roll, eat noodles. [comment] on the same day, a 7.39 meters high, weighing more than 3 thousand and 600 kg of guanquelou dough for Shanxi to win another Shanghai great world Guinness record. The guanquelou figurines built according to "one of the four famous buildings Chinese guanquelou" 110 proportion, the use of designers, sculptors, artists huamo more than and 50 people, the reproduction of image building charm. The tourists marveled at the Miansu artists means superb I have a photo. [over] guanquelou dough production team leader Yang Wulong guanquelou total employment one thousand and five hundred hours, nearly two months time, we used a total of more than 5 thousand pieces (dough), more than 7 thousand pieces of small, not to spend, spend a total of more than 15 thousand flower flower inserted, which is about more than 7 thousand pounds of noodles. Shanxi has always been known as the hometown of Chinese wheaten food". At present, the well documented pasta in Shanxi has more than 280 kinds. According to reports, the selection of these works, creative elements are rich in regional culture in Shanxi, Shanxi is a useful attempt to spread abroad. Reporter Wang Huilin Shanxi, Taiyuan reports相关的主题文章: