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Beijing – VIDEO – huabohui Taiwan Strait All flowers bloom together. always bloom on both sides [comment] the eighth cross strait modern agricultural fair and the eighteenth cross strait flower expo November 18th in Fujian Zhangzhou southeast Huadu huaboyuan kicked off. More than 10000 kinds of modern agricultural products and the results of the two sides to focus on display here. Among them, the characteristics of fine flower exhibition, more than and 20 professional categories of the more than 1 thousand and 500 varieties, nearly 4000 pots of flowers show the most eye-catching. [comment] into huaboyuan, greenery everywhere, with 2 million strains of calliopsis create flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, romantic flowers. Well dressed floats everywhere. Or is empty and jump, or quietly open in the flowers, very beautiful. Into the exhibition hall, the concept of ecological design diversified arrangement will have a riot of colours, here is not only colorful flowers in the world, and creative novelty beautiful floral landscape, rare flowers and trees, a superb collection of beautiful things aquarium Gallery, dazzling. [comment] eyes, riotous with colour orchid attracted many visitors stop in Taiwan, the flower exhibition, showcasing the achievements of Fujian Zhangpu Taiwan farmers pioneer park. Taiwan agricultural Huang Ruibao is to and from the customers who recommend the latest varieties of phalaenopsis. The reporter saw, many varieties of Phalaenopsis exhibition debut, red, yellow, blue, purple, every breed of mouthwatering, very happy with. The ingenuity of collocation of the pot, people feel like being in the thousands of butterflies dancing in nature. [] Huang Ruibao period Taiwan farmers use the beautiful prospect to the original characteristics of Phalaenopsis FLOWER FLOWER unique charm, guide the leisure industry hand in hand, to create an Chinese flower show. [comment] as an important platform for cross-strait agriculture and flower show, natural and ultimately elements in Taiwan, the reporter saw in the "taste of Taiwan" exhibition, hundreds of Taiwan, agricultural enterprises to participate, bring the innovation of Taiwan creative agriculture, food, also attracted everyone’s attention. [] over the Taiwan businessmen Xu Zhixian I think this platform can appear in the agriculture of Zhangzhou is a booming industry in Taiwan, to feel interested, in fact, will be here together to participate in the development of. Even invest here. [] over the Taiwan flower export association director general Zhuang Binghuang and I believe we are holding to observe this mentality, especially to understand the investment environment here, I believe that they will be back after thinking, here in Zhangzhou as a continuation of a production base. [comment] the reporter understands, CO sponsored by the Ministry of agriculture and the State Council, the State Forestry Administration, China CCPIT, Chinese food industry association and the Fujian Provincial People’s Government of the flower expo to "bloom cross-strait cooperation and win-win" as the theme, with flowers for the media, both sides of communication. Reporter Wu Shengwei Fujian Zhangzhou reported key words: classification Name: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan相关的主题文章: