Beijing Youth Daily Vice Mayor rejected outside highlights the difficult new network in pollution

Beijing Youth Daily: "Vice Mayor rejected outside" to highlight pollution – Beijing, Tianjin and today’s editorial related areas of each city, must work together to increase efforts to combat environmental violations, severe punishment, iron fist pollution, formed do not allow foreign contaminants and pollutants in the local area, prevent the formation of a wide range of weight the pollution situation, the negative impact of seasonal unfavorable conditions to a minimum, to ensure a clean air to realize. Because of the "pollution siege" problems, recently, led by a vice mayor of Anyang city in Henan province conducted a thorough investigation of the dust control problem, the inspection process in a site by the workers in the door for nearly 40 minutes, finally, the site for coverage is not strict, dust four, law enforcement officers refused to check behavior of heavy penalties. Vice mayor of Anyang City, a bright line, even if the environmental protection law enforcement status, it is difficult to open the door of the site is illegal, it shows the air pollution control work hard. Construction site dust is an important source of urban air particulate matter pollution, but also reflects the strong pollution problems. In recent years, around the governance of the dust pollution requirements continue to increase, but the relevant complaints from the public is still high. The reason, covering dust, dust and other dust control measures higher overhead, the construction side in order to reduce the cost of dust can be reduced or even reduced. Enterprise managers pursue economic benefits, take public health as nothing, which is an important cause of pollution control difficult. The site "has eyes, let the vice mayor entertain an angel unawares" eat "cold-shoulder treatment", the local environmental protection departments usually work off is a direct cause of this embarrassment. According to the new "environmental protection law", the environmental protection department found that every time a fine of 20 thousand yuan on the construction site dust pollution, daily punishment until the end of the rectification, but rarely around the strict implementation of the relevant regulations, many environmental protection departments supervision consciousness is still weak, the discharging unit usually criticism rectification based. Local environmental protection departments or due to the lack of mechanisms, personnel and funding protection, or by a variety of complex interests constraints, resulting in the work of law enforcement ineffective situation, which to a large extent condone the illegal acts. The operator is not affected by long-term illegal investigation of public complaints, usually taken to ignore the habit, in the course of time, met the leadership of inspection still persist, it hit the muzzle. "Deputy mayor rejected outside" thing, the companies involved to heavy penalties, but usually not the local environmental protection departments should also be punished. "Deputy mayor rejected outside" is of public concern, but also because of the incident in Anyang, on air pollution is malignancy". In November 2014, due to serious pollution, environmental protection department of Anyang city to supervise the handling, subsequently, the city conducted a series of rectification, log ten persons responsible for accountability, was shut down for rectification of hundreds of polluting enterprises. In 200 days after being interviewed, Anyang for returning to the blue sky, when the "Anyang blue" even on the CCTV "news broadcast". However, after a year of immigration reform, the recent air pollution prevention and control in Henan Province town group, Anyang city feed siege phenomenon prominent, steel and coal industry "small scattered poor" serious pollution, air pollution in the city?相关的主题文章: