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You want to catch as many big fish as possible and there are very exciting bait substances, fish senses, and vital energy and metabolism clues to help you attract bags and bags more big fish to your hooks! Far too many anglers ask themselves the wrong questions about fishing and baits that really are not that important! So begin by thinking more like a fish instead of an angler and get much better at asking yourself the most productive questions that bring success! To begin with, when thinking about bait, why begin with the bait itself? Why not begin with the fish and what they are most sensitive to? When you know and understand what fish are sensitive to you have so much power over them. You can manipulate bait substances and exploit (and even condition) various fish senses against them to make them easier to catch! When speaking to many fellow anglers it is clear that the vast majority are dependant on expensive readymade boilies and pellets. When you are dependant upon readymade baits instead of producing your own, your bait budget is to a very large extent decided by the pricing of readymade baits. When anglers are dependant on readymade baits they are completely at the mercy of others to decide their bait modes of action and competitiveness over other baits, and cost; which is not necessarily an ideal situation to be in! Why allow someone else to decide your fishing budget when you can do it yourself and save an absolute fortune?! Whether your readymade baits cost you 5 pounds or 12 pounds a kilogram you can undercut and vastly reduce this cost and still out-fish all those popular readymade baits when you know how! Once again you need to know some of the most vitally important details of fish senses, and how to best exploit them to get most bites by leveraging various (endlessly varied) combinations of ingredients, special compounds, liquid foods, flavour components, oils etc. So what kind of mistakes do beginners in bait-making do that can be avoided? Personally I have found that well over 80 percent of my own homemade readymade baits catch fish right from the first cast on a range of waters, (this has been over a period of 31 years.) Some waters really do require more specially designed baits for various reasons including the need to out-compete other baits or to avoid using bait ingredients and substances used previously, perhaps in many readymade baits, that fish are now feed too cautiously on or will avoid completely due to fear of being hooked! Probably the commonest mistake bait-making beginners make is formulating a bait based on their personal opinions and own human perceptions of bait substances aromas, smells, tastes etc. The best way to avoid limiting success of your baits is to start with the fish and what they are most sensitive. Basing your baits on fish sensitivities is the most powerful starting point and this encourages you to think like a carp and not like an angler merely choosing a readymade bait flavour that thousands of others may have previously already exploited so massively reducing any competitive advantages. Certain bait substances do necessarily not work on their own in water and need a bait carrier substance with which they can work synergistically to bring forth their most potent impacts on fish senses. However, many bait substances can be said to be very habit-forming and I include the essential amino acids and particular non-essential amino acids found in protein ingredients additives and liquids in this group too. I am amazed at how many anglers feel they lack confidence in a bait if it has no strong discernible flavours or smell. Think about it; carp can sense substances down to a few parts in a billion and it will be very hard for the average carp angler to incorporate any substance in their bait that has no smell, taste or aroma or effect some sort of subtle electrical impact or difference on carp senses when in water for that matter that they will detect the presence of! Carp are such highly evolved creatures able to adapt sensitivity to substances, sense completely new substances in water, identify new food sources and monopolise them to their own benefit. You can condition and train carp just the same as dogs by repetition of positive rewards (using new and thus safer baits.) The carp bait substances you choose literally manipulate their behaviours as they influence which hormones production which forms of physical actions; for instance the filter feeding on dissolved bait substances, or movement towards baited areas following concentration gradients, or intensive competitive feeding and repeated bait consumption. Designing homemade baits that seriously encourage back of the mouth bait testing for me is a core function of my baits and is their true purpose! This crucial bait function is just one extremely key aspect of what I teach in my personal intensive one to one courses and in my upcoming written and pictorial course for beginners to expert levels. For over 5 years Ive constantly been refining, updating and evolving my one to one intensive 1 day personalized course formats, content and emphases for beginners to expert levels, due to so many anglers questions about bait design and bait making needing answering very directly and clearly! This has led me to produce a written and picture-orientated product, which already has proven to empower anglers of every level, to make genuinely superior homemade baits and for that matter, world class readymade baits! Revealed within my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets tuition and ebooks series is far more powerful information! Why not visit my unique website (Baitbigfish,) see my biography for information and details of my exceptionally powerful, totally unique bait tuition and accompanying bait making secrets ebook deals, right now! By Tim Richardson. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: