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Bill Eddie Peng Wu Jing "black coal"   users: no contrast no harm — entertainment channel — original title: "wolf 2" bill Eddie Peng Wu Jing "black coal" Wu Jing and brother Eddie Peng "first discovered that Eddie Peng was so white." "There is no harm without contrast." Eddie Peng is a famous black, and with Wu Jing in the same white." Yesterday, Eddie Peng drove a few hours, "the wolf" is set 2 crew filming Wu Jing, Wu Jingfa micro-blog said, moved to cry soon, and allotted a two in the field of photo. Did not expect a time Mottaki — all users are Wu Jing Tan briquettes general color shocked, originally dark complexion has Eddie Peng, in front of Wu Jing, feeling is a white niche, many netizens ridicule Wu Jing: "do you make sure that he was not jealous of Eddie Peng because of the delicate cry?" Xie Nan also made micro-blog to supplement the skin color of Wu Jing – every white bread will eventually become a total carbon. Wu Jing and Eddie Peng in private feelings quite good, to "division brothers". Eddie Peng’s visit tidbits photo, two people is very close. Some netizens curious, Wu Jing and Eddie Peng on this good gay friend, the original eight pole could not beat the look, how suddenly ganging up together? Originally, two people play time soon because he played, the brothers, the name of the feelings and continues at this point to the reality. Read the two micro-blog interactive, their history is a history of the show of affection". (general) (commissioning editor: Zou Jing, Li Yan)相关的主题文章: