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Birth plan: the child’s age gap is good? – Sohu maternal and child care at the same time, and children may make you very tired. First, the advantages of a small child age gap, like the best friend when the child’s age gap hours, their topic and the environment are almost the same, so they easily become the best friend. Play together, go to the bathroom, even together. Soon, the end of nightmare to parents, constantly changing diapers, global milk is a grueling thing, but with the child’s age gap is small, you will find that these annoying affairs soon as children grow up in the end, you will no longer need to contact the diaper and feces. Remember, some parents will find out how parenting, when children age is too large, they are very easy to forget before is how to help the baby intestinal colic, improve treatment spits, and even how to let the baby fall asleep fast. So when babies are very young, they are easy to get started. And when you have not make blind and disorderly conjectures age child, you will be very busy to take care of them, clean the house, cook dinner, you don’t have much time to indulge in or make blind and disorderly conjectures, eating snacks and delicacy of guilt. Life, easy although children of similar age may make you very busy, but you will find many things you may only need to do it again, like only need a car to go to a school, a set of two people wearing clothes etc.. Two, the child’s age gap is small, it may be easy to quarrel although the child may become the best friend, but also may become the most quarrel of the enemy. They may compete for toys, food, and even for the first bath. Attention is divided because you are not only a child, so your attention will be divided. It’s hard for you to focus on one thing when you’re dealing with the boss’s homework and sorting out a small room. It is very easy to be tired because you need to take care of the children at the same time, which can make you very tired, especially when they are babies. You may need to help with a small diaper change, milk, and a big bath and a storybook. It’s hard to have your own private time, because you don’t have a private time, because your kids need you. Fortunately, they will grow up at the same time, do not rely on you, you will soon be free. The body can not rest the child is also a small gap between your body will be in a short period of time and experience pregnancy, fertility, lactation and other processes, it will not have time to rest and recovery.相关的主题文章: