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Business The car is fashionable and excellent product for the people that make us more and more convenient and comfortable to enjoy our life. At the same time the navigation can also do this. You should know BMW Navigation DVD gives you more entertainment than a way guider. It not only can guide you to where you want to go but also the BMW Navigation can offer you more fun and entertainment when you are driving or when your car has the passenger. You can figure out any locations and any fun from BMW Navigation DVD. In the past few year, BMW Navigation DVD have been updated with thousands of miles of new road network as well as thousand of points of interests in the digital map. No matter where you are, you can figure out any locations of restaurants, hotels, gas station and street addresses. Putting current traffic and tourist information at your fingertips: digital road maps for BMW Navigation DVD are available on CD or DVD and are updated twice yearly. With up-to-date map material, you will always find the best route to your destination. Whether you’re looking for the shortest route, scenic roads, how to avoid traffic jams, a parking space or even restaurant tips, BMW digital road maps have the answers, letting you know as much about your new destination as you do about your home town. You know the BMW Navigation DVD belong to the Cool Electronics so it also has other product which you interested. The BMW Navigation DVD is very simple to use. 8 main menus for the interior climate, communication, entertainment, navigation, information, BMW service support, feature set and the Help menu. One of the frequent uses of four main menu sliding controller of the four directions through the round knob to enter and Climate regulation, The BMW Navigation DVD with memory function, the driver can put some settings are stored; the information is automatically stored in the memory of car navigation. At the same time the BMW Navigation DVD also has a media player function, support many formats of music and video, so you no lonely traveling alone, the BMW Navigation DVD or the Mercedes Benz Navigation DVD Star Search speed is very fast, GPS map in a strange place not strange. Now wont you like this do that install of the BMW Navigation DVD to make your car sync with the world you enjoy the most advanced DVD navigation system, to make your driving easier, more convenient travel, it also allows your guests to enjoy entertainment in motion. Highlight BMW’s distinguished. And BMW Navigation DVD not only can browse the map for updates on the roads on your familiar routes. But also type in the name of a city or a road you are looking for. Source from: .blog.topons../index.php/2012/07/bmw-navigation-dvd-gives-you-more-entertainment-than-a-way-guider/ 相关的主题文章: