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Health Breathing right is an art as well as a discipline for holistic health and living. It is a myth that breathing is so natural and spontaneous that it does not require special instructions. The truth of the matter is that breathing plays such a pivotal role in many aspects of life and living that special instructions are needed to ensure its optimal functioning: aesthetic qualities, such as soft skin and a glowing complexion, or enen a beautiful singing voice; athletic activities, such as competitive sports; psychological well-being, such as emotional wellness, or freedom from anxiety and stress; spiritual disciplines, such as meditation and spiritual enlightenment; and health and healing, such as holistic health and natural healing. The importance of breathing right cannot be overstated. But what is supposed to be "natural" may not necessarily be correctly done. When a baby is born, it gasps for its first breath, and then learns to breathe naturally. However, in the process of growth and development, the breathing process may become significantly altered or compromised. To illustrate, the body shape may change as a result of body weight; the body posture may become misaligned due to lifestyle; the lung capacity may become reduced and restricted because of smoking and other health issues–there are many variables during the course of one’s life that may have changed one’s breathing process, and thus undermining its functions. On top of all, aging is the most important factor that adversely affects the breathing process: the respiratory function and lung capacity of an average individual peak in his or her mid 20’s, and thereafter decline by as much as 20 percent for every decade of his or her life. As a result, breathing becomes "unnatural" and compromised breathing may have long-term adverse effects on holistic health and living. Human health is closely connected to breathing right. According to scientific studies, cancer is anaerobic, which means it cannot survive in high levels of oxygen. Heart diseases and high blood pressure are directly linked to shortness of breath and incomplete breaths. In addition to optimizing health, the human breath also contributes to holistic living. Controlling breathing holds the key to the art of living well. The explanation is that if you know how to control your breaths, you will also know how to control your mind. Your life is the sum of your thoughts, which are created by your mind; and how you live your life is determined by your perception and interpretation of those thoughts. Focusing on your breathing–the inhalation and exhalation of each breath with its own rhythm–is instrumental in training your mind for attention and awareness. Concentration on the present moment leads to mindfulness of self and others, which is an indispensable ingredient in the art of living well. Breathing provides 99 percent of your oxygen supply, which is the most important energy source in human life. On average, an individual takes more than 20,000 breaths a day. However, it is not the number of breaths that counts, but "how" you take them. To breathe correctly, first and foremost, you must breathe deeply, using your diaphragm muscles, instead of those of your chest. In addition, your breath, rhythmic and not rough, should be taken in through your nose, and not through your mouth. To practice diaphragm breathing, sit comfortably in an erect position, placing one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen. Begin inhaling through your nose while slightly distending your abdomen; you will feel the movement of your hand over the abdomen, not the one over your chest. Let the air slowly fill up your chest. Then slowly exhale, without undue exertion, pushing the air out of your lungs down to the abdomen; your hand over the abdomen should feel it collapsing slowly. Repeat the process until it becomes second nature to you. Breath is life. Controlling your breath and breathing right add a new dimension to every aspect of your health and living. Breathing right is holistic health and living. Copyright (c) 2012 Stephen Lau About the Author: 相关的主题文章: