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British media: Hilary’s attitude toward China than Obama or even tougher – Sohu news according to reference news network September 12th British media reports, British media said, in July 23, 2010, to attend the ASEAN Regional Forum meeting of foreign ministers in Hanoi Hilary, then Secretary of state for the first time that the South China Sea to "freedom of navigation and safety problems, that the South China Sea Islands territorial dispute related to the national interests of the United states. Some U.S. officials believe that the Hanoi conference provides an evidence that Hilary will be ready to take a tougher attitude Chinese — hold this view, including several officials in the Hilary administration intends in the future to senior positions. Hilary, the British "Financial Times" website published September 9 titled "Hilary to Chinese stronger? The article said that Hilary’s Hanoi speech to the United States directly involved in the controversy surrounding the South China Sea, which is actually the beginning of the turn to asia. In China, the Hanoi conference has deepened the impression that Hilary is leading China hawks in the Obama administration. "They clearly recognize that Hilary won the election the probability is very high, so they will have to deal with her," Asia expert Bao Daoge served in the Reagan and Bush said. The article thinks that the new administration will face a choice: on the same strategy and double bet, or trying to find ways to accommodate China requirements? The article said that in his memoirs, tough choices, Hilary said, in May 2010, the U.S. – China strategic and Economic Dialogue held in Beijing, she was concerned about the situation in the South China sea. Also in 2010, the U.S. government decided to challenge China’s behavior in the South China sea. At that time, the National Security Council director of Asian Affairs Geoff?, and former assistant secretary of state Kurt Campbell? Hanoi meeting to prepare. The article said that over the past few years, the United States expanded its security cooperation with Vietnam, Philippines (both countries have territorial disputes with China), and to support the Philippines filed a lawsuit against china. A former senior American official said: "sometimes, (former national security adviser Tom Donilon)? That she (Hilary) to Chinese too hard, Geoff Bader would think so?." The article said that many Chinese analysts predict that the White House is expected to enter the White House will be more willing to fight with Hilary. "Since she first visited China in 1995, she has been tough on China," said Chu, an international relations expert at Tsinghua University." Shi Yinhong, an international relations expert at Renmin University, agrees, saying: "in the attitude toward China, Mr Hilary will be tougher than mr." According to China Press news reports quoted the British "Global trade review", in Hilary’s occupation career, she stood above and Chinese against several positions, sometimes even with Obama differences. 1995, Hilary at the world women’s Congress in Beijing (World Conference on) on the declaration of women’s rights in Women.相关的主题文章: