Business Success — Does It Require Creative

Network-Marketing The process of creative imagination is more than mere memory. It takes the elements of the past as reproduced by memory and rearranges them. It forms new .binations out of the material of the past. It forms new .binations of ideas, emotions and their ac.panying impulses to muscular activity, the elements of mental ".plexes." It re.bines these elements into new and original mental pictures, the creations of the inventive mind. Regarding business and financial imagination, no particular profession or pursuit has a monopoly of creative imagination. It is not the exclusive property of the poet, the artist, the inventor, the philosopher. We tell you this because you have heard all your life of the poetic imagination, the artistic imagination, and so on, but it is rare indeed that you have heard mention of the business imagination. The fact is no man can succeed in any pursuit unless he has a creative imagination. Without creative imagination the human race would still be living in caves. Without creative imagination there would be no ships, no engines, no automobiles, no corporations, no systems, no plans, and no business. Nothing exists in the world that had not a previous counterpart in the mind of who designed it. Behind it all is the creative mind of God. Wealth is created through the supreme mind. The mind shapes and controls matter. Every concrete thing in the world is the product of a thinking consciousness. The richly tinted canvas is the physical expression of the artist’s dream. The great factory, with its whirling mechanisms and glowing furnaces, is the material manifestation of the promoter’s financial imagination. The jeweled ornament, the book, the steamship, the office building, all are but concrete realizations of human thought molded out of formless matter. Mind, finite and infinite, is eternally creative and creating in the organization of formless matter and material forces into concrete realities. The Klamath Philosophy Says Max Mller in his "Psychological Religion": "The Klamaths, one of the Red Indian tribes, believe in a Supreme God whom they call ‘The Most Ancient One,’ ‘Our Old Father,’ or ‘The Old One on High.’ He is believed to have created the world-that is, to have made plants, animals and man. But when asked how the Old Father created the world, the Klamath philosopher replies: ‘By thinking and willing.’ " We get things done because we get what we desire. The things we desire are the things we think about. Love begets love. The man who is looking for trouble generally finds it. Despair is the forerunner of disaster, and fear brings failure, because despair and fear is the emotional elements which .bined bring about thoughts of defeat. Behind every thing and every act is, and always has been, thought-thought of sufficient intensity to shape and fashion the physical event. Mind, and mind alone, possesses the inscrutable power to create. Your career is ordered by the thoughts you entertain. Mental pictures tend to ac.plish their own realization. Therefore, be careful to hold only those thoughts that will build up rather than tear down the structure of your wealth. Creative imagination is an absolute prerequisite to material achievement. The business man must scheme and plan and devise and foresee. He must create in imagination today the results that he is to achieve tomorrow. He must .bine the elements of his past experiential .plexes into a mental picture of future events as he would have them. Riches are but the material realization of a financial imagination. The wealth of the world is but the sum total of the contributions of the creative thoughts of the successful men of all ages. Do not understand this as saying that imagination, as the term is popularly used, is all that you need. There must also be incessant, persistent action. But creative imagination, in a psychological and scientific sense, begets action. Every thought carries with it the impellent energy to effect its realization. Use your imagination in your business and the action will take care of itself. Given imagination and action, and you are sure to attain success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: