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Do you have to pay for the iPhone7 in installments? See, pay again! In recent days, the circle of friends began to have people drying their just hands "head 7"". Our old friend next Pharaoh, although not a fruit powder, but also a little tempted after seeing the real machine, coupled with the old mobile phone battery more and more recently they suck, began wondering would you like to chase fashion. Lao Wang is a person who will live, he found that many banks in the sale of iPhone7, have launched a synchronous credit card purchase activities – 3, 6, 12 installments, 0 interest, 0 Commission, 0 freight. Before you pay your money, ask the person who knows you’re right. Don’t fall for it! Advertising seems to be quite cost-effective, but Lao Wang does not understand, this bank is ultimately an enterprise, it followed by 0 interest 0 charges lively, is it really in the loss of money shouting?! Is there an undisclosed profit? When the small series in the bank to learn credit card business, product manager in the training said, for the credit card issuing bank, if the card amount less than 5 million, basically can not really realize the profit. So, what is the bank earning in the installment business tied to the iPhone7? First, when the card is purchased, the bank will receive a transaction fee. That is to say, you brush whose card, the issuing bank will receive the 0.5%-1% from App Store single line of different fees. That’s the same thing that you do when you buy something in a small shop, and the owner wants you to pay cash instead of credit card. Because the card way, the bank provides services to you, the bank will naturally settle the cost, and this cost, in small businesses where you need to bear the store. On the other hand, if a bank offers iPhone7 installments, it will naturally make this 0.5%-1% on the price of your mobile phone transaction. However, this is just the industry practices, such as Apple’s sought after businesses, banks must actively seek to cooperate with the "rub hot", so this part of the fee income, it may not reach the industry standard. But even if this part of the price tag fees can not be earned, in your choice of staging these 3 or even 12, you use the credit card viscosity has been improved at least. This is very important. In the past, all lines hoped to promote credit cards to gain profits by giving small gifts or small returns. However, the cardholder is also full of intelligence, a lot of people to fill out the application form to get gifts, upon receipt of a credit card do card issuers have white hair action, so this card. Even if some cardholders temporarily opened this card, a small card for consumption after the ceremony, over a period of time will be in the hands of the credit card, began to sell out the common card screening. The bank introduced the iPhone7 installment purchase, with interest free fee free installment installment way, not only may attract the cardholder to use this credit card, but also guaranteed that in the next 3-12 repayment period, even if he sells all cards on hand, also will retain this. And if he uses this credit card for other expenses every month, the bank will still have a chance,.

分期买iPhone7不用掏手续费?看明白再掏钱!最近几天,朋友圈开始陆续有人晒出自己刚刚到手的“头7”。我们的老朋友隔壁老王,虽然不是果粉,但看过真机后也稍稍有些动心,加之最近自己的旧手机电池越来越不给力,于是开始琢磨要不要也追追时髦。老王是个会过日子的人,他发现不少银行在iPhone7发售之时,都同步推出了信用卡分期购活动——3期、6期、12期分期,0利息、0手续费、0运费。掏钱之前,问问明白人总没错,不要轻易上当!广告看起来倒是蛮划算的,但是老王就不明白了,这银行终归也是企业,它跟着搞0利息0手续费的热闹,难道真的是在赔本赚吆喝?!还是有不为人知的暗地利润呢?当年小编在银行学习信用卡业务的时候,产品经理在培训的时候说,对于信用卡的发卡行来讲,如果发卡量达不到500万张,基本都是无法真正实现盈利的。那么,与iPhone7发售捆绑的分期业务,银行到底赚到了什么呢?首先,刷卡购机时,银行会收到一笔交易手续费。也就是说,你刷了谁家的卡,这家发卡行就会从App Store的收单行拿到0.5%-1%不等的手续费。这就跟你在小商户买东西,店主都希望你付现金,而不是刷卡的道理一样。因为刷卡的方式,是银行提供了服务给你,自然会发生银行结算的成本,而这个成本,在小商户那里就是需要店家来承担的。反观回来,如果某银行提供iPhone7的分期购,自然会在你的手机交易价格上,赚到这0.5%-1%。不过,这也只是行业惯例,像苹果这样被追捧的商家,银行大多要主动找上门与之合作“蹭热点”,所以这部分的手续费收入,有可能达不到行业标准。但即使这部分明码标价的手续费赚不到,在你选择分期的这3期甚至12期里,你对这张信用卡的使用粘度至少得到了提升。这一点,非常重要。过去,各家行都通过赠送小礼品或者小返现来的形式,希望大力推广信用卡,以实现盈利。不过,持卡人也都是智商满满,许多人填完申请表拿到了礼品,收到信用卡后却不做开卡的动作,那么发卡行便白发了这张卡。即使有些持卡人一时开通了这张卡,少量消费换取了开卡礼之后,过一段时间也会因手中信用卡过多,开始筛选销掉不常用的卡。银行推出iPhone7分期购,用免息免手续费分期付款的方式,不仅可以吸引持卡人使用这张信用卡,同时也保证了在未来3-12期的还款期内,他即使销掉手上所有的卡,也会保留这张。而如果他再用这张信用卡每个月发生其他消费,那这家银行就还是有机会,通过发卡行手续费等途径赚到钱的。再者,相对于欧美成熟市场的消费者,很多中国消费者还没有养成超前消费的习惯。小编身边很多人的信用卡都是当期全额还清,坚决不让银行赚走我一分血汗钱。而分期购iPhone,在某种程度上也是在培养消费者的消费习惯,而一旦这种财务便利性被适应,在未来,消费者可能会愿意通过付费,来购买分期服务,以换取资金的流动性。上述三点,只是银行在“理性客户群体”中,推广分期购业务的出发点。对于那些目前每个月的信用卡账单,都已经是只还最低还款额的消费者来说,你为当月账单贡献的每一分利息,包括一旦逾期而产生的罚息,都是银行妥妥的收入呀!除此之外,如果你错误地使用信用卡,比如小编就曾经在赶早班机出差,大脑尚未完全苏醒的时候,糊里糊涂地将一张信用卡当做借记卡,塞进了ATM机进行了取现,不仅瞬间支付了一笔3%的取现手续费,而且之后还付出了每日万分之五的利息,折合年化就是18%呀!钱都去哪儿了?!你说钱都去哪儿了……网上有个段子,说怎么买iPhone7最便宜?答,等iPhone7s出来的时候,它就便宜了。相关的主题文章: