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You will walk right follow easy walk method of thin lead: today I want to tell you the way of slimming rather than intense exercise to lose weight, but the use of easily ‘walk’ method to maintain the body. Don’t love sweating, also do not want to because running and long Zhuangzhuang calf muscle girl, quickly together with small follow easy and effective "walking weight-loss method"! (source: beautiful women lose weight nets) now white-collar popular fitness walking, because usually stay in office, sedentary, only after work or after dinner walk, to reach the effect of exercise. However, you want to rely on walking thin MM, you can walk it? Every day to walk so many ways why not see thin? That is because you go wrong ~ come together with small follow easy and effective "walking weight-loss method"! Want to walk to lose weight, you need to continue the long time. In addition, it is only a common walk is not effective, we must pay attention to the way of walking. Walking in a graceful way is not suitable for weight loss. Than usual in the footsteps of large swing arms will also change, on foot and hand tight is very effective. Pay attention to posture hunchback is absolutely NG. The chest, often form a narrowing of the abdominal unconscious movement to walk. Will stimulate the muscles in the ground, but also to lose weight UP. Feet on the foot to walk on foot, and let the soles of the feet touch the ground. If you do this slowly, the muscles of your feet should be pulled open. Also can eliminate the effect of leg edema. After the decision to adhere to the goal not to interrupt a week to four to five times, a second to maintain more than 45 minutes, it is best to be able to do a little sweat rate. After determining their goals, take things like pedometer to calculate the strength increased moderately, in order to target weight ganbatte. MM together with the small make use of "walk" to create a perfect model of the body bar ~!相关的主题文章: