Canon 5D Mark IV compatible with the emergence of the horse lens

Canon 5D Mark IV and Sigma lens compatible for independent lens manufacturers, because have not obtained the original ring of patents, the only complete method is to calculate the electronic part of the communication protocol by using reverse engineering. In general, vice factory with the original mirror mirror on the use are not too large, only when a new machine is introduced, more prone to compatibility problems, and frankly, under the price are generally higher, most choose a modest vice factory will have the same psychological preparation. Notice from the product Sigma in the latest, he said its new EOS camera with Canon 5D Mark IV lens, full time manual focusing mode fails to work properly the problems (AF AF and MF manual focus is normal). Of course, it is worth the title as other brands of independent manufacturers, Sigma lens and in the past, the function does not support the camera lens dark angle, distortion, chromatic correction etc. (because of the camera internal and no information), so that the horse home with all EOS body when in use, the first camera off. Suitable for the horse at this stage yet to appear Mark IV EOS 5D compatible solutions launched, there is no firmware update schedule.相关的主题文章: