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UnCategorized In the recent past car insurance rates have increased, especially for young drivers which have resulted in problems for new drivers whose premiums are somewhat on the high side. However, young female drivers may need to pay less because they are a lower risk proposition. So, before purchasing auto insurance it would be wise to view the car insurance groups that a particular car falls into. There may be different grouping structures and the insurance premium goes up as you move up in these groups. Don’t Be Mystified By The Different Premiums Charged Many people that want auto insurance can often be mystified with the different policies and may have trouble understanding why the .pany is charging them the premium they are charging and how the type of car has an effect on such premiums. It is thus important for you, as a car insurer to understand that you can get lower insurance premium costs by falling in a lower car insurance group and this can best be achieved by purchasing a car that falls in a lower category or group. These auto insurance groups classify cars in a certain level of insurance and each car is assigned a group starting from one and ending at twenty. Such grouping allows each model of car to be banded with cars having similar features and a particular model of car can be spread in many groups. There are many factors that .e into play when classifying a car into a particular car insurance group, and these include the cost of repairing a car and costs of damage and parts, time required to repair the car, new car values, availability of body shells, performance of the car including acceleration and top speed, and the security features fitted as standard equipment by the manufacturers of different automobiles. These auto insurance groups are not arrived at by individual .panies, but by an association that represents car insurance .panies in full. However, individual auto insurance .panies may vary the groups based on their own experience. It is usual for family cars to fall into the six to twelve car insurance groups if they do not have high-powered engines. On the other hand, sports cars as also high-risk cars fall into the higher auto insurance group ratings and that would mean having to pay extra for your car insurance premium. Among the lower auto insurance groups you would find cars such as Citroen, Toyota and Renault, and in the middle groups you can find cars such as Ford Focus, Mercedes A+ class as well as VW Polo. The higher group cars include BMW and Audi A4 while the highest group cars include Aston Martin and BMW M3 series. With these models in mind, you can get a rough idea as to which car insurance group your car falls into and when buying a new vehicle you can keep this in mind. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: