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Care for the children as "older drift" parents into the "new era of separation" – Beijing, saying, come to accompany the couple. The sixty something Ren Yuee in recent years is really put this sentence Zamo out. More than half of his life and his wife live together every day, I do not think there is anything, but since the two separated, the heart can not say out of trouble." Had to choose to separate the life of Ren Yuee’s hometown in Jiangxi, although the home of the village is not big, but the villagers are very envious of the old two. "I have a son of a poor girl, after two years, were admitted to the provincial university, also settled in the provincial capital to get married. Son in Changsha, daughter in Xi’an." The villagers said, you also follow the old two children to enjoy the city. But Ren Yuee and his wife, but he did not laugh at the rich life. "Live in the countryside are accustomed to town for a few days is OK, a long time is not comfortable." However, as the grandson and grandson were born, not by the two old people are comfortable or not, "you have to take care of the children." It also said, Ren Yuee grandson and grandson born less than a month, daughter and son-in-law home for the elderly body is not good, I have a wife and a Changsha go to Xi’an." From 2010 to March in Xi’an, Ren can only see his wife and his son once a year. Ren Yuee said that since the marriage, the old two together over the past few decades, has never been separated for such a long time, can not think of the old two separate. Now, with the "80" after entering the marriage period, such as Ren Yuee "old Yan swirling" old two, in the city more and more common. Xiao Aifeng, who lives in the four House Street came to Xi’an two years ago to help children with children. "The wife was still in his hometown Gansu apricot varieties. A few years ago, the family contracted more than and 100 acres of apricot, the contract is signed for a period of ten years, if you do not manage to completely clean up. I did not expect his son to have a second child, two grandchildren, small born big is less than 3 years old, the couple did not have to work during the day, with, I don’t know how to do?" Both sides are not put care while two grandchildren and son daughter-in-law all waiting to take care of, the other side is the wife alone in the lonely Xinglin seasons busy, Xiao Aifeng heart being broken in two. "Sometimes I really worry about the old man, if he could not eat and drink is not good, then the rest is up Lengjin stupid wrong tired, I took the bus back to see. Can live in his home for a few days, the heart is also concerned about the side of the two milk dolls no one no one to send, really can not put on both sides." In addition to Xiao Aifeng and the same as the two concerned, even the most difficult to endure the loneliness. "I’ve been in Xi’an for more than 6 years, but I don’t have a friend. One is that I can not speak Mandarin, but also do not understand Shaanxi dialect, and the old man in the courtyard to chat with the old lady particularly strenuous. The other one is busy during the day shuttle grandson kindergarten, buy food, cleaning, still have to prepare three meals a day, if there is not much time." Even so hard, Ren Yuee still like a little busy, "a little bit busy, do not feel lonely, sometimes they sleep at night, I want to相关的主题文章: