Carpet Cleaning Methods – What You Should

Home-Improvement Carpet Cleaning Methods – What you should know When it .es to carpet cleaning there are a wide variety of cleaning methods available to choose from which are suitable for different cleaning requirements and types of fibre and pile. Reputable carpet cleaning .panies will take these into consideration before cleaning your carpets. Bonnet carpet cleaning Bonnet carpet cleaning uses a non-residue cleaning solution that is sprayed onto the carpet. A cotton pad (sometimes heated) is then rotated on the carpet drawing soil out into this pad. This method is ideal for low profile office carpets since it dries quickly and has the benefit of an added stainguard. It is not as great on domestic carpets as the pile is usually too thick and these need a deeper clean. Dry carpet cleaning Dry carpet cleaning uses small sponges that are sprinkled onto the carpet and then mechanically brushed into the fibres. These sponges are slightly moist and the idea is the soil is absorbed into them. After a short while these sponges are vacuumed up. This is a good way to keep a carpet maintained but not much more. Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is usually the best choice as when done correctly this will clean the carpet in the deepest way with fast drying times. After the carpet is vacuumed a chemical free prespray is agitated through the carpet fibres, after ten minutes or so hot water is forced under pressure (usually 200 600 psi) into the carpet and instantly extracted by the machine. Dirtbusters in Liverpool choose to use a Truckmount carpet cleaner for domestic carpet cleaning since this has more power than portable machines and all soil is taken straight out into a waste tank in the vehicle. This is much healthier than having a machine filling up with dirty water sitting in your home. Other cleaning methods Similar methods are also available for upholstery and sofa cleaning such as dry foam, solvent dry cleaning, wet shampoo, and hot water extraction. This all depends on what the fabric consists of and what kind of soiling is present. There is only one way when it .es to leather cleaning (pigmented leather) and that is utilising a strong leather cleaning foam, followed by a conditioning cream. Other types of leather are more difficult to care for (aniline leather) but can be rejuvenated by using balms and dyes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: