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"Catch the route" demon bride tianshic innocence how could I know the fire – Entertainment Sohu since the first half of 2016, catch demon, zombie network popular, "Mr. Yin and Yang" series, "the return of the zombie" series, "zombie" to the series, has a good click. With this hot topic, the first to eat crab series has become a sought after IP, naturally also produced a rub IP phenomenon. Not to mention the "Taoist mountain", "Pan Jinlian" is the popular movie I rub IP film, "Yin and Yang", "zombie" ghost eye piece seems to rub on the popular IP network. Network movie "Yindu media produced the" catch demon tianshic bride through August 26th online. At first glance is also of the "catch" rub IP network, but the whole film look down, but is actually a mystery film. Mentioned reasoning suspense film, from the "seven sins" "" "memories of murder suspect X", "nearly universal witnessed" hypnosis "heart" master "labyrinth", the title does not like how can "catch" hook. However, "the bride" catch demon tianshic route is indeed a real mystery film, from the beginning to the middle of the puzzle out of suspense, finally unravel the mystery, not to see the last one, and never know the end. I think even the ending, see still strong progress, it is not so simple, in fact, outcome, and suspense, let people address him enjoyable, is a "wild snow storm villa version". It is a pure reasoning suspense film, but the film is to "catch demon" actually are inextricably linked. First of all, the people from A to Z Sherlock puzzle, is a casual and elegant bearing the catch demon tianshic. Secondly, several characters into the puzzle, by "catch up". Finally, don’t ignore the "bride through" four words, it has a profound meaning. The "catch" outside, "the bride route is the kernel. To say "catch" the demon bride tianshic through rub rub is IP, Yindu media’s magazine "the most authoritative reasoning reasoning", do not follow suit does not rub heat, solid content.相关的主题文章: