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When the mayor comes, why does the county magistrate bother wetnwild

Who will be the county mayor, why bother? Who will be the county mayor, why bother? The laughter off   recently, a circle of friends and county seems apathetic. I send the information about the interview, he is not willing to take that. Previously, the man not only often and interactive media, from time to time a positive energy story in WeChat, or a major decision of the local economic development and deployment of such content, please message: propaganda, support. Ask the man learned that the new year on the first day of work by the Secretary of the municipal Party committee criticized the. Originally, shortly before the mayor competition "card", the county magistrate comrade of poor performance. What is this: before the Spring Festival, "NPC and CPPCC", the old mayor due to age to play to the provincial people’s Political Consultative conference. The old mayor, has been the county as their own background. The county this year, less than 40 years old, seven or eight years ago from the provincial authorities to place attachment, due to the excellent performance and retention. This in a number of cadres, does not see more, which shows a strong ability. The old mayor, mayor for the large local vibe, there are two main positions: Deputy mayor A, full-time Deputy Secretary B. A is the local officials, local roots in thirty years, from the correspondent start step by step, the theoretical level is not high, but things have courage; B is a 80s graduate of the scholar officials. He is three years ago from the provincial authorities to the local office of the deputy. In the local, A and B do not, this is well known, for example: A B will abandon a rude B abandon A. The magistrate committed wrong, the two in the process of competition. According to insiders, the county magistrate felt outstanding work in the local, with the county Party Secretary strong, want to move. "". The old mayor before leaving the office to send him to the municipal authorities, but the magistrate felt there "not easy achievement" and give up. The A and B two competition mayor, bet on his nature. The county is first by the chance of sneaking off to pay New Year’s call, executive vice mayor of A home position will fully support the old colleagues "(he and A had done a colleague); and then the same with the Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee said to pay New Year’s call, B," will follow your pace". After the Spring Festival, the provincial Party committee organization department appointed publicity down, the original deputy mayor A out, was transferred to the Deputy Secretary of B positive sinecure. Go to the B home position. The county is also A knows, of course, had happened to the party there. It is said that the investigation conclusion county magistrate is not a big problem, but was not ashamed of local officialdom. His "move" dream, estimation is gone. The familiar old cadre said, I really do not understand the county somehow removed from officialdom ten years, is also keen to "hold the tree" and "pangaozhi", has been walking along the edge of the party discipline itself. If this is the case, even, also more than foot boat, is lost, lost official moral personality, not only is the appreciation of the superiors, colleagues and trust. The old cadres also said that if the magistrate can correct body, do not run, avoid leaning to either side, the back door, it is only a matter of time promotion. If not promotion, also will be a lifetime stand, "that is, come home shorn." But according to my county) and 市长谁来当,县长为啥操心? 市长谁来当,县长为啥操心?   文 笑忘客    最近,朋友圈里某县长似乎萎靡了。我发信息约采访,他也不愿接招了。此前,这位老兄不仅常和媒体互动,还不时在微信上转一点正能量故事,或者当地经济发展的重大决策部署之类内容,并留言:拜托多宣传、多支持。   四处打听才得知,这位老兄新年上班第一天就被市委书记点名批评了。原来,在前不久的市长竞争“卡位”中,县长同志表现不佳。   事情是这样的:春节前的省“两会”,老市长因年龄因素到省政协发挥余热去了。这位老市长,一直被县长看成是自己的后台。县长今年不到40岁,七八年前从省直机关到地方挂职,因表现出色并被留任。这在一众挂职干部中,并不多见,足见能力之强。   老市长一走,当地盛传,争夺市长大位的主要有两位:常务副市长A、专职副书记B。A是本地官员,深耕当地三十多年,从乡镇通讯员一步步做起,理论水平不高,但做事有魄力;B是80年代研究生,属学者型官员。他三年前从省直机关副职空降来本地任职的。在当地,A和B不和,这是人尽皆知的事,比如:A嫌弃B只会夸夸其谈,B嫌弃A粗鲁。   县长的错,就犯在这两位竞争过程中。据知情者透露,县长觉得自己在当地有工作突出,加上县委书记强势,想“挪一下”。老市长临走之前本有意调他去市直机关任职,但县长又觉得那里“不容易出成绩”而作罢。   此次A、B两位竞争市长,他自然把宝押了下去。县长先是借着拜年的机会,偷偷跑去常务副市长A的家里,表态一定会“全力支持老同事”(他和A曾在某县做过同事);然后同样借着拜年,向市委副书记B表示,“将紧跟您的步伐”。   过完春节,省委组织部的任命公示下来了,原来的常务副市长A出局了,被调任闲职;副书记B转正。县长去B家表态的事也被A知道了,当然把这事捅到市委那里。据说调查结论是县长没有大问题,但还是被当地官场不耻。他的“挪一下”的梦想,估计是没戏了。   当地相熟的老干部说,真搞不懂县长好歹混迹官场十几年,还热衷“抱大树”、“攀高枝”,本身已经在党纪国法边缘行走。如果只是这样,也就算了,还脚踏多只船,更是丢了官德、人格,失去的不仅是上级的赏识,也是同僚的信任。   前述老干部还说,如果县长能够端正身子,不偏不倚,不跑关系、走后门,升迁只是时间问题。就算不能升迁,也会一辈子稳稳当当,“这下倒好,偷鸡不成蚀把米。”   但根据我与县长打交道的印象来看,该县长并非官迷,也非财迷,此次耍两面派,也算是有难言之隐。县长出身普通农家,当年机缘巧合才执掌一方,本身并无根基,在当地更是孤身一人。连他自己都公开说,老市长只是对他“欣赏而不信任”。   而在我看来,老干部所言固然在理,但也必须考虑到县长的处境。近年来,县长所在地市官员站队成习惯、拉帮成风,为了上位互相攻讦。在反腐风暴中,当地已有多名官员先后被处理。而这几年来县长在当地的成绩有目共睹,但先后几次遴选干部中都意外出局。眼见比自己小、比自己资历浅、能力差的官员都“上去了”,县长也就动了心思……唉,都说要“把自己摆进去”,但真把自己摆进去的话,我可能跟县长一样的做法。说实在的,县长也难呀。你想想,如果没有那些说不清、道不明的用人潜规则,他又何必犯贱似的去“抱大树”、“攀高枝”?   古人说,“举直错诸枉,则民服;举枉错诸直,则民不服。”用人真能做到民主、公开、竞争、择优,不让老实人吃亏,不让投机钻营者得亏,如此这般,我想这位县长同志也会心悦诚服的。更为重要的是,有了这样一种正气弘扬的大气候,你我都将从中受益!   (作者为党报记者。首发公号“不是官话”。纸媒、新媒体或微信公众号转载改编,必须事先征得“不是官话”的授权同意,并注明出处。)   (声明:本文仅代表作者观点,不代表新浪网立场。)相关的主题文章:

Human beast + tentacle play! The cat was seized Lolita Xingbaogu virginity utc行家

Human beast + tentacle PLAY! The cat was seized Lolita mushroom mother Penguin virgin some time ago have introduced to you a fast agency will launch a special "kill virgin comics". October 27th "kill virgin comics" series after the release, brought back a lot of readers to buy. Let’s take a look at how much of this comic book can kill virginity. Kill (kill or take virginity virginity on clothing) from the beginning of July 2015 in the popular twitter fashion style. The design style of clothing to kill the virgin white lace shirts, corset two elements, also have push-up chest effect. The characteristics of the same shape curve of women are covered in pure clothing under special reverie, so ichijinsha decided took the opportunity to launch "kill virgin comics" featurette. In the painting of the cartoonists are "San Hua Li Mi" the service charge, "after school" Kendo permanent Huang Ping, 18 vertebral ban cartoonist tea too, the heart of the hills "theater of war" Saturn, Tokyo and Jinjiang was of course. Let’s take a look at how these cartoonists kill their virginity. In these cartoonists, the most critical is the Yellow Jinjiang of language teacher. Under his pen cat mascot on the tail long unidentified object similar to the mushroom. And this weird tail will reach under the heroine’s skirt, and it’s time for her sister’s virginity to be in crisis. Ichijinsha is a comic magazine, reprint comics, animation and game related books, the publication and distribution of the main business of Japanese Publishing enterprises. The magazine is published monthly magazine "Comic ZERO-SUM", quarterly "WARD", quarterly "Comic Lily Ji" and so on. Many different kinds of themes, style works also appeared under the magazines made famous for readers of the edge areas covering all sorts of strange things ichijinsha. It also makes the "fast track society" still thriving and evolving in spite of the sluggish sales of many comic magazines in japan. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works

人兽+触手PLAY!猫咪竟用杏鲍菇夺取萝莉童贞前段时间企鹅娘就曾向大家介绍过一迅社将推出《杀死童贞特辑漫画》。10月27日《杀死童贞特辑漫画》正式发售后,勾起了不少读者的购买欲。我们就来看看这本漫画中到底有多少能“杀死童贞”的内容吧。童贞必杀服(童贞を杀す服)是从2015年7月开始在推特上走红的服装款式。童贞必杀服的设计风格以蕾丝白衬衫、束腹两大要素为主,也有集中托高胸部的效果。女性的姣好身材曲线被包覆在清纯服装下的特点特别能引人遐想,因此一迅社就决定趁机推出《杀死童贞特辑漫画》。 参与绘画的漫画家有《散华礼弥》的服部充、《放学后的剑道部》的永椎晃平、18禁漫画家茶化山心太、《战争剧场》的土星フジコ和近江のこ。我们就来看看这些漫画家笔下的童贞必杀服究竟是怎么样的吧。 在这些漫画家当中,最黄暴的当属近江のこ老师了。在他笔下的猫咪吉祥物的尾巴上居然长着类似于杏鲍菇的不明物体。而且这个诡异的尾巴还会伸进女主角的裙子底下,这次轮到妹子的童贞面临危机了。 一迅社是日本一家以漫画杂志、单行本漫画、动画及游戏关联书籍的出版和发行为主营业务的出版企业。其发行的杂志有月刊《Comic ZERO-SUM》、季刊《WARD》、季刊《Comic 百合姬》等。众多风格、题材各异的作品同时现身旗下杂志书刊,造就了因涵盖千奇百怪的边缘领域读者群而闻名的一迅社。也使一迅社即使处在日本国内众多漫画杂志销售不景气的当今,仍然生机勃发并不断进化发展着。 点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章: