Chak hee, general manager of Cci Capital Ltd, Shanghai, Xu Xiang, who were

Shanghai Ze hee Cci Capital Ltd general manager Xu Xiang et al brought new network new network in November – in 10, according to the Qingdao Municipal People’s Procuratorate official WeChat news, November 10, 2016, Shandong Province, Qingdao City People’s Procuratorate of Shanghai Ze hee Cci Capital Ltd legal representative, general manager Xu Xiang and chairman of listed companies, the actual controller suspected of Manipulating Securities the market case series, prosecution to the Qingdao City Intermediate People’s court. Related reports: from the end of private gangster Xu Xiang: 17 revenue 19 years for the reactionary gang hailun although reputed A stock market, but Xu Xiang is a rare interview, not allowed to take pictures, and even his real age is not known. Market rumors, Xu Xiang was born in 1976, at the age of 17 with 30 thousand yuan into the city, at the age of 19 is said to have been in Shanghai for the Gang Gang stress, the trader, at the end of 1990s to become the Zhejiang death squads "helmsman". Xu Xiang does not want to disclose their true age, only that in 1993 when the stock market in Ningbo has been an identity card, claiming to be the people of Ningbo. In 2005, Xu Xiang moved from Ningbo to Shanghai, in December 7, 2009 the establishment of the Shanghai Chak hee Cci Capital Ltd, paid in capital 30 million yuan. Chak hee’s first product Chak hee Ruijin 1 was established in March 2010, the initial size of 1 billion yuan. The product was first established with A stock market crash, but the product of the net rise against the market trend, two months outperform nearly 50 percentage points, the reputed Ze hee investment capital arena. Chak hee investment currently manages assets of more than 5 billion yuan, is one of the largest private equity fund in the sun, the company has investment research and management personnel of the industry, more than 30 researchers, more than 3. Xu Xiang has always been regarded as a god character, his personal assets are considered to have reached 4 billion yuan. According to Chak hee investment official website, as of October 30th this year, Chak hee’s investment product yields are extremely good, among them, 1 Chak hee 323.16%, Ze hee 2 for 160.34%, Ze hee 3 for 382.07%, Ze hee 4 for 209.92%, Ze hee 5 for 180.07%, Xu Ze hee increase set by a period of 163.33% (end), Xu Ze hee increase set by two to 142.07%, far outperforming the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market. > > with private gangster Xu Xiang career: 30 thousand yuan started to manage billions of assets Xu Xiang moved from Ningbo to Shanghai, after the A shares of the wave of the bull market, in 2009, Xu Xiang set up in Shanghai, Ze hee investment, from individual investors to private sun, the company registered capital of 30 million yuan. As the controller of the Xu Xiang reborn reborn, Chak hee a period of private capital is 2 billion, insiders said, of which the majority of Xu Xiang and friends of its own funds. In this regard, the liberation of Ningbo South old investors said that Xu Xiang not only diligent, have ambitions and aspirations, love to read great books, which was set up in Shanghai "Ze hee" is taken from the name of Kangxi and Mao Zedong. 2010, Chak hee investment set up a fine相关的主题文章: