Chen Guangbiao cheat question behind or treasure steel projects for the benefit of the Sohu news splitit

Chen Guangbiao "cheat" question behind or treasure steel projects for the benefit of the Sohu cover news news reporter Liang Bo Nanjing photo coverage "Chen Guangbiao questioned events continue to ferment. In September 23rd, boasted that "Chinese top philanthropist" Chen Guangbiao, in the meeting of the two building in Nanjing Whampoa  disaster prevention training center held a press conference room, personal, unilateral response "first cheat or top philanthropist", "cut stomach weight", the company found more than and 170 fake chapter events negative public opinion. The whole press conference lasted an hour. Due to not let reporters look at the scene to show the donation bill, not to question the opportunity, and the scene of many "extras" and other details, so this conference, once again become "Chen cursor style show". Chen Guangbiao, for charitable donations of high-profile "show", public concern. In the field of public Public opinions are divergent. show press conference on the occasion, cover news (the.cover) reporter noted that Chen Guangbiao at the scene referred to the "snake" Zhang Hongde also stand to the front desk. The afternoon of September 23rd, Whampoa  renewable resources company general manager Zhang Hongde to cover the news that he and Chen Guangbiao fell out, the origin of Baosteel demolition engineering project for the benefit of coke oven. A? Then playback questioned cut stomach weight questioned three position again, the origin of September 20th "money new weekly" published "Chen Guangbiao:" the top philanthropist "or" first "cheat", and "know" from the media NetEase released the "cut the stomach to lose weight behind Chen Guangbiao: paralysis of business debt". The same day at 12:30, Chen Guangbiao through the cover news (thecover) exclusive response to cut stomach weight loss, said all rumors. He will find a swimming pool in Beijing, wearing a swimsuit video recording, in order to prove that he did not have any surgery. This is the first time Chen Guangbiao suffered a new round of questioning. At 1 o’clock in the afternoon that day, Chen Guangbiao, but through personal real name micro-blog said, I said that the success of weight loss is the operation of the stomach cut, my God, ah! That how much pain ah! Some things A clean hand wants no washing, just my team this month 25 days in Zhejiang Jinhua has a large meeting, I would like to say, "the site dedicated to" let everyone ‘real’ testimony about the "perfect", I am a person." This is the stomach cut weight, the second position, from the first position, only less than half an hour in the past. At micro-blog, Chen Guangbiao also said: "to participate in the investment by the enterprise and the Institute of biophysics of the dietary weight loss also help a lot of fat thin down, so this product is very popular in the market to lose weight. This is not, and bad people began to say "brother" ill." But, once again, the changes observed in Jinhua. September 21st at 3:58 on the afternoon, Chen Guangbiao through personal real name micro-blog announced that it will hold a press conference for the media at home and abroad. Time is set at 9:30 on September 23rd, located in Jiangsu City, Nanjing province Jiangning victory road, Whampoa  disaster prevention training center. If you want to participate in the media, you must register in advance through the mailbox. September 22nd, cover news (the.cover) get a reply.相关的主题文章: