Chen Zhensheng poetry painting exhibition held in Huancui Museum of Art-ssdao

" Chen Zhensheng; poetry painting and calligraphy exhibition held during the seminar seminar " October 31, 2016 to December 15th in Huancui, Weihai Art Museum, Huancui Art Museum exhibition building presents — the "lazy look cloud: Chen Zhensheng poetry and painting exhibition", in order to help more readers and audience thoroughly and systematically understand the thinking in poetry, calligraphy and painting the artist Chen Zhensheng in recent years, and his philosophical about human and social dilemmas…… Huancui Museum of art organized a seminar on the works of Chen Zhensheng, the introduction and interpretation of the works contained in the spirit of the times, human values and artistic ideas. Yang Lin presided over the host (Yang Lin): This is a story of the exhibition, although it is a person’s story, the protagonist on the wall, but the desire to participate in a very strong. See "lazy" to see the cloud "lazy" to "free" as the title, everyone is more relaxed, from this painting, the calligraphy, poetry, with a sense of comfort. Well, we try to tell the story continues to unfold, I can become a joy. Let’s start with Miss tang. Tang teacher is Chinese famous critic of poetry, poetry circles all know the pseudonym Liaoyuan. Liaoyuan Mr Liaoyuan (poetry critic): then I would say. Before about half a month, I was wandering to other things by the way Huancui building art museum, to see what is inside the exhibition. The results of a look, as expected, this is Chen Zhensheng’s exhibition. I looked at it over and over again. After reading, I also asked Yang Lin, said I do not know how to exhibit, he said that has not been carried out. Chen Zhensheng, I don’t know where I’ve heard about it. After the exhibition, the feeling is still relatively deep. The first thing I want to say is that it may be an idea. The present painting, including the literary creation, the poetry creation, the idea is very important. No new ideas, each of the arts are difficult to have a new breakthrough. Some of the creative concept of the emergence of the time is not mature, slowly mature, there is the nature of the vanguard, it can drive the industry’s artistic trend. Chen Zhensheng’s painting, I see it as a series, is a kind of nature. The artist created a symbol, the paintings of Yang Linguan called "lazy", we first use this argument. This makes me think of some paintings seen earlier, for example, a man named Yue Minjun, drew a big mouth open, shouting the head, then give me a very deep impression. I think the Beijing pedicab driver as the mouth shouted bald, is a typical image of that era, he in bottom layer and a "fool", to a transition era vent and ridicule. There is also a Gong Lilong, painted a bottom of the people playing billiards series of images, the impression is very deep. Billiards was originally the upper layer of the European elite fitness programs, but after the popularity of the Chinese people into the game. At the beginning of 90s, I was in Qinghai on the grasslands of Yushu county an empty street, saw a lot of billiard table, people there at billiards. It was time to introduce and digest the west!相关的主题文章: