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Cheng Yi Anita Yuen Julian Cheung bold confession torture – Sohu entertainment into a Yixiu captain uniform not handsome to a friend "Qingyun Sohu entertainment news Zhu Xian Zhi" next week will usher in the finale, in Yicheng plays Lin Jingyu, the day before being large original reality show "on campus the first grade graduation season" hot in the recording?. With Cheng Yi warm adorable attributes, served as captain in the first grade students "training", not only to assist the supervisor handle team in the big or small, but also led the team with PK in battle. In the third phase of the program, return to mentor Julian Cheung, let Chengyi is very happy, "do things" Chengyi no fear of Julian Cheung, to mentor Anita Yuen staged confession scene, and torture of Julian Cheung. The message has been issued, make Chengyi fans and netizens exclaimed: "Yi, are you going to heaven!"     Chengyi captain uniforms not handsome to a friend without fear of "genuine husband" Julian Cheung with the return of mentor Julian Cheung, "the first grade" this week will usher in the second battle group, in order to let the students win in the second round of war, Julian Cheung immediately organize students to start internal assessment, make the class all the boys to copy themselves, a "real Julian Cheung" in the comedy drama was staged. The theme of this battle is to imitate the star debate. As the captain of the Yi led the battle, as Julian Cheung in "chongshangyunxiao" in the form of him, a handsome pilots assembly Pilot Sunglasses, many minutes empty sister blood slot. In order to make their imitation more vivid, Hong Kong Style Mandarin into Yixue Julian Cheung to no pressure, just as like as two peas pronunciation. In the first year of the first program, Yi Yi played 18 year old Julian Cheung, acting won the affirmation of the Anita Yuen. The theme of this week is the debate, the battle of the table in the table. I need to elect a student is very prominent in debate as the main character, Anita Yuen gave a title, let two people to accompany her to choose and collocation of clothes, and then use the emotional words to impress her, Cheng Yi is chosen with students. The fans think of Cheng Yi this time imitation is Shumenshulu, men must go to him. Cheng Yi also recently said in an interview, the envy of the two tutors for decades as one day. Unexpectedly, the tutor side of Cheng Yi even in this program, imitate Julian Cheung, bold to mentor Anita Yuen affection". Cheng Yi embodiment of the "imitation of Julian Cheung", resorted to exhaust all the skills assiduously, to win the hearts and minds of anita. Friends said: "this is simply too stimulating in front to imitate one, when Julian Cheung’s face to go up to Anita Yuen!" Netizen message said, "Cheng Yi, although you are imitating Julian Cheung, but in front of the husband’s face, so naked white really good?" So happy funny classroom, many viewers have expressed great expectations. Cheng Yi torture Julian Cheung romance battle group summary handsome professional debaters it is reported that, in order to let the students know more about themselves, with Julian Cheung of Cheng Yi et al. And yourself for a day, not only take them to experience a favorite car, and answer ten questions of students, gossip site exposes one after another. Finally, Cheng Yi shun.相关的主题文章: