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Chengdu government service center to disable Samsung Note7? Response: the internal provisions of the new network – Sichuan news network Chengdu on September 26th news (reporter Dong Jiao) in September 26th, the Chengdu Government Affairs Service Center official micro-blog @ Chengdu service news release, said that because of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone charging or charging after the fire risk, and the municipal government administrative service center in the work of the masses and the staff of many things the masses and staff personal safety and property security, are banned in Chengdu service center use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone. Sichuan news network reporter saw the micro-blog news on September 26th at 10 o’clock in the morning, there are already 130 thousand times the amount of reading, with micro-blog also posted a notice of the original, signed "the Chengdu service center". The specific provisions of article two, a Chengdu Service Center staff will prohibit the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone to the office area or in the office area; two requirements of the Chengdu Service Center staff need to strengthen the operation of the center periphery funded Internet charging seat inspections, such as found in the work of the masses 7 to Samsung mobile phone charging Galaxy Note here, should be timely to persuade. The micro-blog has been issued, immediately caused heated debate on the network, many netizens questioned the Chengdu government affairs service center "speculation" or "violation of the relevant laws and regulations" too, more netizens concluded, "this is the history of Samsung official was blackish may be the worst one!" Chengdu administrative service center administrative micro-blog staff then repeatedly explained that the document is only "@ Chengdu service" internal regulations, mainly for the constraints of Chengdu service operations center for internal staff, the work of the masses of the document is not. The staff also said that the Chengdu service operations center and the Chengdu government service center concept is more different, please do not misread users.相关的主题文章: