Child Welfare Needs More

Reference-and-Education Children are the future of the nation. Their welfare must be given top priority. Unfortunately, thats not the case, especially in a developing nation like India, with over a billion populations. Child welfare one of the most neglected areas. Child welfare does not mean providing free education only. It should be that a healthy congenial environment is made available to the children where they can blossom and grow up to be.e a well cultured, responsible adult. Achieving this target of developing child welfare program though needs to be started with working towards providing free education. For this, more and more schools need to be established. The schools should have all the facilities like the proper school building, sports, medical, hygienic facilities. It should not be like the municipal schools where the children are made to study under tent without a fan, with the temperature in the day reaching over 40 degree centigrade. Such kind of condition at school encourages the children to drop out. The economically backward families can only send their children to such municipal schools where the basic infrastructure of a school is lacking. They cannot afford to send in their kids to private schools as they cannot afford a four or five figure fees (in Indian rupees only). So their kids have to go to these municipal schools where the education is for free but infrastructure is nil. And after some time they start dropping out of the school as the conditions there discourage them towards pursuing education. So if someone has to develop some child welfare program, then he/she should keep in mind that free education along with good school facilities should be developed. Along with the state administration charitable .anizations must volunteer to build such schools where the poor children who cannot afford schools with all proper infrastructure, are given free education. Establishing such schools need lot of funding. But the initiative has been taken by Baba Amar Singh Ji when he founded Guru Nanak Garib Niwaz Education Society in 2006. Make your contributions to this society to bring in the light of knowledge in the lives of poor children. Your contributions would be used in providing more and better facilities at the school established by this society in Delhi. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: