China’s economy is not it Xi Jinping strong response to bad mouthing China zibba

China’s economy is not it? Xi Jinping strong response mouthing Chinese on ahead of the G20 summit, the world economic downturn, Global trade growth rate hit the lowest in 30 years under the background, the parties are looking forward to this summit will provide a new impetus to the growth of the world economy, but also are concerned about the China economy can bring light to the world economic recovery. However, in recent years, some people hold that China individual indicators of the economy, not to claim Chinese economic recession, even the imminent collapse of the. In their view, China economy have their own trouble, not to mention the world economy escort. Is this really the case? This year, general secretary Xi Jinping on several occasions to explain his judgment on China’s economy. Chinese economy is not good? China’s helm to tell you. 1, how to see? China’s economy is going to collapse? Wrong! The first half of the economic data released this year on, some individuals and institutions holding down private investment growth, rising non-performing rate of banks and increase the debt default case make a fuss, not even to say China economy to collapse. Is that really true? July 8th, Xi Jinping chaired a forum on the economic situation in Beijing, on the current economic situation and economic work to listen to the views and suggestions of experts and scholars, and delivered an important speech. Xi Jinping at the meeting gave his latest judgment: the current economic operation is basically stable, in line with expectations and the central economic situation judgment. Make such a judgment is certainly well founded. Xi Jinping pointed out that there are three main points: the fundamentals of the economy and the overall stability of the overall social situation, the overall smooth operation of financial markets, structural reform of the supply side to make new progress. These are data and facts support. China’s GDP growth of 6.7% in the first half, better than expected, the contribution of consumption to economic growth rate of up to 73.4%. Prices still maintain a relatively low growth trend, the overall stability of the employment situation has not been a major ups and downs; new economy, new business development. On this basis, Xi Jinping outlook China economic outlook, puts forward four "no change": to good long-term fundamentals for economic development has not changed, the basic characteristics of the economic potential of foot, good toughness, large room for maneuver has not changed, has not changed for sustained economic growth in good supporting condition, economic structure adjustment and optimization of the forward posture no change. In late July, Xi Jinping once again expounded on China’s economic situation in Ningxia. He said that the first half of China’s economy is generally stable, steady progress to achieve a good start. In July 25th, Xi Jinping in Zhongnanhai presided over the forum for people outside the party and made an important speech. He once again stressed that the overall point of view, the first half of the economic situation is consistent with our judgment is still stable overall, the trend of differentiation. "Confidence, enhance concentration, Xi Jinping put forward" forum of experts on the economic situation of the national character, is facing the best response mouthing Chinese economic theory. 2, how to do? China’s economic problems can not be solved too much? Wrong! In addition China questioned the economic situation worse, some people also seized some problems Chinese in economic development is not put, while that of industrial overcapacity difficult to solve, while the risk is too early in the morning the party said the financial crisis, while reducing private investment,.相关的主题文章: