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China’s small town in the mountains, why claimed to be closer to Europe? [lead] Tourism – Sohu this is a small section of the public, the newly opened: small Shun travel inspiration. Every time I use a short space to talk about a small window I encountered in the trip, to give everyone a little reference. Welcome to pay attention to "Liu little Shun" public number: lxslvxing (- press copy), 80 travel writer Liu Xiaoshun will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! – don’t write boring Raiders, just to give you inspiration and travel in this small town in the mountains, the scenery pleasant, look on the "face value", many people will feel or tourism as a pillar industry in the region or county of poverty? However, there are exceptions to everything, the small town in the mountains and not only can not build up the relationship with poverty, but rather rich oil". This is a very famous local attractions, called silk rock, waterfall drop from the clouds, water fishes continuously, very good-looking. Not only the rich flow of oil, it is known to the world of overseas Chinese, is said to have more than 300 thousand overseas distribution in more than and 130 countries and regions around the world. 300 thousand what is the concept? Already exceeded the number of people in some county. Almost every family has overseas relations in the country are rare. It is the Qingtian County of Zhejiang Province, belonging to the scope of the jurisdiction of the city of Lishui. Qingtian County, located in southeast of Zhejiang Province, in the middle and lower reaches of the Oujiang river. The east of Wenzhou, Yongjia, South Ruian, Wencheng, west of Jingning, Lishui Yu Autonomous County, north of Jinyun, the "half water half minutes of cropland". In such a mountainous region, magical Zhejiang people have created a "miracle", not only not so backward, but became a deep European style rich land. This time, we follow the financial media · Zhejiang Tour "activities came to the magic mountain in Qingtian. The staff told us that in Qingtian, do not have to go abroad to buy the original goods around the world, not only the fidelity, fake a penalty, but the price is also cheaper than a treasure more. Because Qingtian county’s 300 thousand overseas Chinese mainly concentrated in Europe, so it is not only the many European style buildings, including a variety of European delicacy is also very popular, and even many habits in Europe are also into the daily life of local residents. The organizers specially arranged for us to have a taste to let us feel Qingtian’s "European culture". A variety of wine and food on the table, we see dazzling. Staff pour us wine. The dealers have come up with the best wine in his store to entertain you, from Spain, France, Italy and even South America on the good wine in this mountain small town together, feel wonderful. The children also come to join in the fun! Because of the long time of European culture, wine for the people of Qingtian are very opinionated, not only often drink wine, but also for the quality requirements are very high, domestic wine here almost no sales. Dealers patiently answer questions about all kinds of red wine. Qingtian overseas Chinese import commodity city leaders in the speech, to.相关的主题文章: